Thanks really muh for the support ^ So this is the promised final part:

"So.. what is the difference between those 2 dreams a soul can have?"

"The sacred dream is the dream a soul wanted to take for his purpose, his "destiny" as they call it. If his destiny is not fullfield, then, after the soul will wake up (die) it will sleep again (born in another living beeing)- "

"- sorry for the interruption but that means reincarnation? If a soul didn't fullfill his destiny then it will reincarnate in something else, right? And it will do so all the times is necessary, like sleeping night after night searching for "that specific dream" he wanted to have?"


"And what happens if a soul can have his sacred dream?"

"He will not reborn anymor, he will wake up completly, and after that… i'll want you to find out what happens"

"And what about the other dream, the "social one""?

"The social dream is the dream that cause the reborn, the main reason someone can't have his sacred dream fullfilled is because he is going to take the social dream"


"And what means having a social dream?"

"Means that you are drawned in it by fear. For exemple one person that is very popular in the music industry, but if he had choice that job because of the fear of losing something or the fear of someone or the fear of his parents that wanted him to do this, even if you see him happy, his soul in strugelling with pain and make him die internally"

"Like that singer from the linking park?"

"I don't know about who you are talking about but i think yes, feelling your intention about those words. Or the one who wants a perfect relationship, if he chose his wife driven by the fear of not having one or the fear of someone that wants him to have a wife, he will never find the one, and that's applied for anything"

"Yes but.. we all don't know when we are driven by fear or not, is something mostly unconcious, that's why depression exist, no? So.. what can a living beeing do about to know for his soul if he is having a social dream or a sacred dream?"

"Imagine you are alone, everybody disappear or better, everybody is disconnected from you, like you not exist anymore, so they will not judge you anymore, they will not tell you if you are doing something good (because yes, telling that someone is doing something good can lead you to the fear to not dissapoint him amif you stop it) or bad and so on. Now tell me, what will you want to make to make you happy? Maybe now you lime to paint but think again, is painting something that made you happy or it was just a state of mind because of a fear of something that you are evading by painting? What would you do to make you and only you happy now that you are alone? Wake up, travel the real wold mentally and spiritualy because is like a dream, we all can dream about anything we want, we just need to be carefull about distractions."

I don't know if i expressed myself well, as i said, i'm not really good at english so i hope is at least understandable. I'm really happy now for exemple to do this so… is this something that will lead me to my sacred dream?

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