Try these 9 poses to soothe and ground you in gratitude.

Parents often find themselves between chaos and glory in today’s complicated world, especially with the kick-off of the new school year. Amidst the inevitable sleep deprivation, tantrums, and responsibilities—parents also thrive on cuddles, imagination, and family life. While parenting today is hectic, grounding in gratitude can help calm the soul. offer more contentment, and let parents experience more peace. Yoga teacher Reanna Shaw shows us how with this soothing, empowering sequence.

A regular yoga practice can teach us to slow down and breathe deeply, which creates space for observing what is truly important to us. This opens the door to gratitude and finding more contentment and peace.

A parent’s practice can also positively impact their children. At any given moment, children can feel our emotions. When adults embody calm, a sense of contentment, and peace, kids are more likely to feel the same. 


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As you approach this centering yoga sequence, take a moment to notice how you feel, physically and mentally. Now focus your attention on your breath. Try breathing slowly and deeply. As you slowly flow through these postures, continue to practice your deep yogic breathing, and feel your body, mind, and breath align.

Try grounding yourself in gratitude as you arrive in each pose. With the warm and sturdy Earth beneath you, identify something specific that you feel grateful for, and reflect on your gratitude.

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