In today’s video, you’re going to experience something a little crazy perhaps even a little dangerous, and totally unique! This my friends is the traditional art of knife massage! Hi Guys! I am in Taipei today and today And today I am going to do something very different and very crazy A knife massage! Yes, a knife massage And this is exactly what it sounds like, it is a massage using knives!

Now to do this, I need a guinea pig, so here he is The massage enthusiast, who is going to go under the knife today So, let’s go Welcome So good to finally meet her Hello Everybody This is Angelina from the Ancient Knife Therapy Centre And we are here today for a session of knife massage Keep watching Be careful Here is something really cool about Angelina I love your Indian movies? Which one have you seen? 3 Idiots! Oh, tats a very popular movie You like it? I like Aamir Khan Dangal, Dangal.

We expected to just walk in and get a knife massage something like this but what happened was quite the opposite! It blew our minds to learn that knife massage is actually an entire healing system that involves physical therapy, food therapy, and spiritual therapy Knife massage is combined with physical therapy and physical therapy and food therapy and spiritual therapy to check your whole situation So we got started, the first step was the understand condition of the body in detail – aches, pains, sensitivities, food habits everything was analyzed and recorded So don’t feel sensitivity with food? No, I’m a vegetarian Me too!

! Have you ever seen meteorites? Well, I did for the first time in the knife Therapy Center I was thrilled to learn that meteorites actually play a very important role in life massage every night the knives are placed next to the meteorites so that they get positively charged the energy from the meteorites is so powerful that it can even change the taste of water Insane right? It’s a different taste, slightly different taste Like more easy to drink? Easy to drink, it’s slightly warmer The second step was the consultation if I may dare compare this is similar to the Reiki system of healing and here energy from the body is analyzed to find past symptoms and injuries.

This is done using the ancient Chinese system called the IChing The board that you see in front of you that Angelina is using is 5000 years old! In ancient China our empires’ advisors, the people who will give the king and queen advice. They used this I Ching to tell them how to face their difficult things like how to rule your country give them some advice Like you should use this person or that person and why. But here we only use maybe 0.0001 % of the energy to check for your health.

Actually, this is to help the business, to help the country All the energy findings are entered and recorded to be used during the knife massage.

It was a little freaky when Angelina was able to pinpoint a very specific injury that Goonjan had, many years ago Around three years ago, I don’t know if you remember or not maybe you lifted something too heavy and then hurt this part. So inside have a little bit of a position mismatch, especially on the right side Since this is a holistic system of healing, the consultation also involves analyzing the energy patterns of work & relationships to see if anything needs to work there Next it was time to put everything that we learned into practice we spent the next one is feeling understanding and analyzing the energy patterns of our own body. Was it hot? Was it cold?

Was it Neutral? It took a little bit of time to get this but trust me you can actually sense the energy being emitted from different parts of your body. For me, my upper body was hotter or warmer in energy compared to the lower body. The best thing about this ancient Chinese system is that there is a solution to everything. So what do you do if you have low, Chi?


Well, try out these simple exercises using the wooden sticks you see in our hands known as cosmos sticks.

These movements combined with proper breathing can really help you to increase your Chi or positive energy! Finally, it was time for the Knife massage So here are the two main things that are used during the massage – the knife of course and also these pair of ancient coral stones which are thousands of years old and have tremendous healing properties. So here we go! The muscles are first made to relax and since Gunjan had weaker points in his leg the knife massage for him was focused on his lower body Feel the knife?

Yes Now, this massage might look painful and uncomfortable to you but the truth is that knife massage is actually quite relaxing.

The best part is that the knives are able to hit exactly those muscles and those points which need the most attention and this is something that gets missed in a traditional massage. The entire massage session lasted for about 60 to 70 minutes and you will see that during the massage the therapist uses different stances like sitting, squatting, standing to adjust the pressure that is being applied. And the session is finished with a mild massage using the corols so that you can soak in all the good energy! That’s it we are done!

Doesn’t he look peaceful to you 🙂 Thank you! Xie Xie Here is an interesting analysis which we did post the massage, analyzing the energy from the before and after photos! and if you are really tuned then you can actually see a shift in the energy We just finished our Knife massage my knife massage on him.

How was it? The massage was extremely good I have done many massages.

In fact, this was my third massage in the last 15 days and this is the best of them all, definitely recommended it to you guys I am so happy about how detailed the process was, like the consultation, the exercises So thank you to this lovely lady She is an Aamir khan fan guys, she has seen Dangal, 3 idiots & PK I love Indian culture, it’s perfect.

You have a very warm heart and mind. You should visit us now Ya ya, people should know more about India Thank you for watching and if you are in Taipei, please come here and meet this lovely lady and experience this knife massage..

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