Numerology/Astrology for 4/9/20
4/9/20 is the number 8. If you add the 4 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 17. 1 + 7 = 8
Today might feel a bit heavy with the number of Grief and Loss at the top of the energy patterns for this moment. I think we grieve the old world, were everything moved and made sense. I think we grieve the terrible losses of our freedoms in our country. I believe that we grieve the harsh truth of how terrible people with no moral compass have taken over positions of great importance in our country. The reality that we are losing what was “America” has never been so clear. Now, what do we intend to do about it?
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

With the Moon in Scorpio, conversations become deep and intense. There is a deep desire to know why. You might uncover things that you previously did not know or where not given insight into. They game is always about getting in touch with yourself.
The Moon Opposing Uranus and the Moon square Aquarius might make sleep challenging. Perhaps we can blame the Full Moon that is just past its peak. I notice that I either feel it before the peak or after the peak. This one you might not be able to get thoughts and agitation off your mind. You might notice that things just feel peculiar. It might be hard to put your finger on just what but many things are going on behind your backs and even if you do not know what those are, they are felt and grieved as rights and freedoms continue to get taken away.
The Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces. At the end of any day what do you have? Hopefully you have your integrity, compassion, and creative hope for the future. Because there are many changes coming and you can be stubborn and pretend they are not happening, you can resist the realization, or you can learn to move with those changes and hopefully be like a log in the middle of a river in a flood. You can change the course of that river a bit at a time if everyone will be aware enough  and work together. Yes, there is a desire to just let things happen as they come. But I prefer to actively use that imagination to contribute to this new world being created.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Vides Lumina Parat?
In tenebris venit.
Verum pallium potestatem.
Intra in tenebras collapse tibi placet?
Lumen paratus est.
Est autem ad vos.

Do you see the lights preparing?
The darkness is coming.
The mantle of truth holds power.
Will you waver?
Will your darkness inside collapse your resolve?
The light is prepared.
It is now up to you.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Another Peru Story.

Since many seemed to enjoy story time, I will continue it with more Peru stories.
One of the things about Peru is because the Inca shaman foresaw that the white man was coming, many went up to high altitude and stayed up there. The result was that many of the ancient teachings were left untouched and intact. A huge gift to us now.
Unfortunately that was not the reality in the North America’s where the natives were stripped of rights to practice their ancient spiritual traditions. So what I always loved about Peru was how much the magic of this land was intact. And how very alive “Pachu Mama” was. I figured out early that if you brought things for the children; such as: crayons, pens, pencils, chalk, colorful hair elastics, Bic lighters, cheap watches, soccer balls, super balls, plastic dinosaurs, and marbles, then you did not lose things on your trip.
People that were stingy and selfish lost many things, passports, wallets, shoes, backpacks, etc.
It was a clear message to me that “Mother Earth” expected you to take care of her children and if you did not then she would teach you a lesson in loss in return.
Fortunately, I never lost anything except one time.
And it was not a moment where the big “She” was teaching me a lesson but one of actually taking an offering.
Like I said, the land is alive with the earth magic that has been practiced and honored in Peru for hundreds of years if not thousands of years. There is something very ancient, old, and wise that watches you constantly.
You feel the presence of it non-stop.
We were in the Urubamba Valley at the ruins called, Ollantaytambo. An ancient ruin built in the  1500’s and the home of the Emperor Pachacuti. It is a magnificent terraced fortress that has magnificent views that show what is coming up and down the valley.
We were there doing meditations in an evening and because I had been trained by Don Americo Yabar (a shaman from Peru) in the spiritual practices of the Quechua, I had my Mesa (a sacred cloth where you lay out sacred objects and make prayers and offerings to the divine) out and I was high up in a corner of ancient Incan stonework to do my offering and meditation.
No one was around me. I was alone and the wind was whipping around, which was why I was in the corner. It was the one spot where the wind was not whipping around and I was a bit protected in the corner of these great stones.
I had everything out, and one of the things I had out was a small pouch of red tobacco tied with a string. An offering from the North American traditions.
I closed my eyes and dropped into a mediation, which for me if often a spontaneous poetic song of some variety. Usually I am calling out to the deities of nature to come and connect though my offerings. Everything was quiet except the wind and my song.
When I opened my eyes, everything was on my Mesa except the small red pouch of tobacco. I looked to see if anyone or anything was around me but there was no-one. I looked to see if the wind had blown it off my mesa but it was nowhere to be found.
And then …. I smiled.
Some deity or Mother Earth herself had taken my offering.
It felt wonderful. Like I had been heard and my prayers received and appreciated. It felt like a huge honor.
I put everything away and put things safely in my backpack and started to walk down when suddenly the dark night turned into day and the ruins were not ruins but a clearly defined fortress from another time.
People were everywhere dressed in ceremonial feathered capes and headdresses. And I was walking down the stairs with a man who wore a golden disk on his chest and huge plumed headers of bright colors. His cape was made up of small squares of gold sewn together as a mantle representing the Sun God. I was dressed in sliver. Huge silver, heavy disks hung from my ears, bracelets of silver were climbing up my wrists to my shoulders and a huge Moonstone hung from my neck. We were clearly representing the Sun God and the Mother Moon in some sort of celebration or ceremony. There were songs that were like a chant that was coming from the people.
And then it was gone. The day turned back into night and I was myself just standing on the stairs of a ruined temple. Staring at wonder into the full moon perfectly centered in the V of the mountains.

I believe that when you live in a life, you leave echo’s …. filaments of that past life in certain places that held great significance or importance. I believe that in that in some other times and place, I had the opportunity to represent the Moon Goddess in a celebration in that temple.
The vision was so clear.
It was not manifested by my mind or ego.
It happened spontaneously and was gone just as quickly. It felt as if I need to remember or pick up some parts of myself that I had left behind to remember. It helped me understand another deep connection that I have to this amazing land and its people.
When you look at certain landscapes you see such beauty and shocking splendor that you cannot deny the presence of the divine. You feel that divinity breathing you to awaken. The Urubamba Valley is one of those places. And you can see why the art of sacred geometry is so strong in this ancient culture.
Being there you cannot deny that something of great power carved this amazing place to make mankind feel the wonder and magic of nature all around. It calls to your spirit. It opens your heart in wonder. It allows you to feel how the past and present are connected. You feel eternity in the very stones under your feel. And you fell connected to something very important that has been lost in many modern civilizations.
The Peruvians believe that the Andes mountains are the heart chakra of the world. And when you go there, you go to reclaim your heart. They believe they are the keepers of this place and call themselves the people of the “Muni”. The people of the heart. They are here to give us our hearts back. These people might be “dirt poor”, but they have not lost that connection to the wonder and love that is their heart. Their music continues to reflect the joy and lightheartedness that is the pulse of this land and its people. I cannot hear the Quechua music and not smile and feel as if I am there. Their music transports me back to their land and for me another time of great joy and happiness. It is important to remember the good in the times that we now face. It is important to have connects that are ancient and wise to carry us through difficult moments in time. Within the past experiences, of each of us, is a type of knowledge that understands how to handle times of crisis. Knows how to respond. And knows how to keep your heart open and intact.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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