Numerology/Astrology for 4/20/20

4/20/20 is the number 10. If you add the 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 10.
The willingness to change is so essential to sustained growth in life. In many instances change is more difficult than you realize when you start. Such is the realization of this moment. Big changes are going to have to happen for this world to recover, survive, and thrive. That awareness will continue to seep into our psyche and allow us the fortitude to change our ways. Because it is not about nature changing her ways. It is about us waking up to the realization that our quest for power, fame, and wealth has been (up till now) a destructive force in this world. And it does not have to be. You can have power but why not use that power to help nature and protect it. You could be known as a savior of animals and ecosystems. That would be wonderful. You can have fame but make it somehow different. How would it be to be known for doing something that is good rather than doing something for your egos gratification. You can have wealth but when you realize that you can have a wealth of love, compassion, time, and care then suddenly the “stuff” means much less. You are being asked to redefine what is your power and influence in the world. Then use that power consciously.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

On Monday, it is best to accomplish important tasks earlier than later because of the astrology.
The Sun challenges Saturn at the end of the day, and that means that your stamina and drive will decrease. You might want to just go home and crawl into bed and be done with this day.
The Moon goes into Aries in the middle of the night and for the next few days you will have some energy to help your confidence. Start a new project. Tackle something more difficult.
The Moon in Aries sextile Saturn Aquarius inspires you to get organized and to be deliberate in your actions.
The Sun sextile the Truth North Node gives you energy to grow and improve in some critical way.
The Sun squares Saturn early tomorrow. Usually you can feel such an aspect coming into the space the day before. New ideas come in and while you want to make those goals a reality, know that you will face many obstacles to get there. Stay realistic and practical in your approach. Know a team effort might be worth a lot to help you keep things moving.
~Suzanne Wagner~

No one forgets the truth.
They just get better at lying.
~From the Movie, “Revolutionary Road”~



Peru – The Jungle
One of the Peru trips we went into the  Amazon Rainforest on the Momon River, a tributary to the Amazon. We were headed to a Jungle Lodge built on the side of the river about 3 hours by boat into the Jungle.
It was a picturesque rustic lodge situated on the river and near a village.
Know that going into such areas requires you to make sure you get all (and I mean all) your travel shots and malaria pills. And sure enough we get there only to realize that the entire village is down with malaria.
Not a good sign.
I will point out here that for all my traveling, I constantly get sick from the local bugs and diseases in an area. I have a gene abnormality that makes me prone to getting any respiratory illness and I have a very touchy gut.
I have learned over time to never leave on a long trip without all my potential pills to help my gut and my lungs. But hearing this news put me on edge and I recognized that I would probably stay inside. Especially in the evenings and early morning when those mosquitos are out.
We get to the lodge and they tell us to make sure we lock our doors at night because the monkey’s like to run around and will put their fingers under the doors and pull really hard many times to see if it is locked. And you do not want a monkey loose in your room because they will destroy the room.
Well, that was clear and I made a note to myself, “Suzanne keep the door locked!”
Sure enough, the first night and truly every night afterwards, somewhere in the pitch black darkness of the jungle, you would be sound asleep and suddenly there would be the loud, “Whompa, Whompa, Whompa!” as the monkeys tested the door. Sort of a terrifying sound when it wakes you up in the middle of the night.
The first night, I also noticed that on the outside of the bathroom door there was a lock. I thought that was odd, made a mental note of it but did not think to close and lock it as I went to sleep.
I find that angels and guides try to make you notice things to give you a heads up. But as in many moments, I noticed it but did not take the heed of the hint.
So in the middle of the night I hear a scratching sound. “Tic, tic, tic …… silence, Scritch, Scritch, Scritch”. Something was coming closer.
There was a small ledge around the room and as I felt something right on top of me, I opened my eyes and there was this huge rat! A rat about 2 feet long with red eyes was looking at me. I sharply sat up and it ran back to the bathroom faster than you think anything can move. I hear it plop itself into the toilet and was gone.
I turn on the light and rush over to see little wet paw prints leaving the toilet and going back into the toilet. Now I knew why the lock was on the outside of the bathroom.
The next day, I decided to explore a bit and discovered that all the bathroom plumbing did not go to a septic system but just washed out into an area away from the lodge. The pipes were open to the jungle and just the right size for a rat to climb up.
Fortunately the lodge was built for tourists and there were screened in areas all over so you could be outside and inside at the same time.  It was wonderful to see the jungle animals and small marmosets on the heads and in the hair of the natives.
One night we were all sitting around the fireplace inside the screened in area chatting and there were two men from the lodge that were responsible for us. One of the men in my group, a large man over 6 ft tall (which is very tall to the natives) got up to go to the bathroom.
The two locals had fallen asleep in boredom .
As this man walks past them, they suddenly wake up, scream, and run out the door.
My client is startled and we all look in his direction.
He shrugs his shoulders and goes to the bathroom.
But the two villagers did not come back.
And the next morning, all the workers at the lodge were pointing at my client and whispering. They all stood a fair distance from him and would not get close to him.
He could not help but notice so we took him to the shaman and asked what was going on.
The shaman said that when they woke up, what they saw (and these people are very intuitive and have great “sight”) was a bloodied, Roman warrior standing over them in full armor, shield, and sword. They thought he was going to kill them. That is why they ran away. They believed that he was a reincarnated dangerous warrior from Rome.
I have to believe them. They have an ability that westerners do not possess or we lose as we get older.
There are cultures that others have as skills and tools to translate subtle energy. Every culture has ways that access these energies and to work with them.
I hold that all cultures have great wisdoms that they hold as truths. Those wisdoms give you awareness into the inner workings of life. You have to learn to be open to those messages and learn to take in what is offered and allow the sharing of that information to inform you about things that you are perhaps unaware.
This gentle men that was my client said that he always had noticed a very aggressive and violent place in his psyche. He had learned to suppress it, knowing that it was totally not appropriate to let out. He recognized that he suppressed it so much that it had caused a type of life-long depression. He believed that he carried a lot of karma in this life and that he was doing many spiritual practices to try to work out of that karma.
When I spoke to him ten years after that trip. He said that he was still wrestling with that warrior inside. That the trip had helped him recognize that he needed to integrate this aspect. That this lifetime he needed to learn to love this part of himself and it was essential for his healing and transformation in this life.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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