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Numerology Chart and Life Path Meaning Video

Hello everyone, in this video we are going to talk about, Numerology Life Path Number, Numerology Chart and what it really means. And about Pythagoras table or Numerology chart and how you can use it and what each number in Numerology chart or table stands for. So you have a better understanding of what we talk about when we mean Numerology chart or Pythagoras table.

Life Path number is basically the number that represents that strategy about your life. It is the number that holds the energy to help and guide you on the way of your life path. This numerology number kind of stands behind your motivation. Life path number is one of the very important numbers in life. Even just knowing the energy of it will help you better understand how you can invest your potential in a much more effective way. The main idea about life path number and numerology chart. If you take your date of birth. You take the date, the month and the year. You can look at it as you address for cosmos.

Numerology chart and life path number show your cosmic address. So, for the information to reach you, cosmos needs certain point of time and space to reach and deliver that information to you and to the numerology chart. And that is your date of birth. Certain events in our life, certain motivations that you have can be uncovered using your date of birth and numerology chart. The date of birth is basically a tool box that is filled with certain qualities and characteristics that you can use throughout your life to make things happen. Life path number and numerology chart can help you explain what these things are and will give you a key to self discovery of your own potential and how to be successful in life and find harmony.

Life path number itself is basically the sum of all the numbers in your date of birth. So let’s say that you were born on the 1st of August in 1981. So what you do is you add up all the numbers in that date. You add one as your date of birth, august as 8th month and you add the year 1981. So you have one 8 then one and then you ten if you add all these numbers. You can see the calculations right here and the final number that you get will be life path number 1. It will be the number of your strategy and each number is basically stands for a certain concept we talk about them in our numerology videos that explain numerology numbers meaning in the numerology chart. One thing that you have to remember is that there are a lot of approaches to Numerology and Numerology Chart reading. It is basically like all the chefs are cooking one dish, but you put in certain personality or perspective to things that dish becomes a little bit different. Each cook each chef will have different kind of lasagna or pizza or a salad even though the ingredients could be the same.

But the result itself will be different. So you have to understand that Numerology chart is a very dynamic system that can help you reach and understand many things. I personally enjoy Numerology because it can really help you to connect many things. It can help you to connect Astrology, Palm reading even Tarot cards. You can find all these concepts and meanings behind all these things. Understanding how those things work can really help you understand how everything work. So Numerology chart and life path number. Another way to look at the life path number is when you are born, on the date of your birth the surrounding environment or cosmos was vibrating on a certain frequency. As you know human body is just a very unique set of frequencies. And so when you are born, that set of frequencies on the date of birth will have a very strong influence on the way you think on the way you motivate certain actions.

What are your strong points and what are your weak points. And so knowing this will give you a chance to be able to concentrate on something that you have a strong passion for or things that you have tools for. And for those things that you don’t have strong base you might not even consider doing. Example will be as follows: there are a lot of different courses today for business, law of attraction where you should go, get things and do, do, do. The thing is, it is not about doing something it is about being in a certain state.

It is more about . It is not do to others as you want them do to you , it is be to others as you want them be to you. That is a much more important thing that can help you reach happiness in life and harmony. I hope it helped you understand what is a numerology life path number and numerology chart. And in the next videos we will talk about each life path number one through nine and then other videos about so called master numbers which are 11, 22 and 33. Many schools do not agree on 33 being a master number for example.

But still it exists and we will give you an explanation on what these numerology numbers represent and what kind of energy stands behind them. So you can understand numerology charts better. So we suggest for you to subscribe and see our future videos. Visit the website look at the things that you can find. There is a lot of basic information, basic materials to help you.

It is like a survival kit for free on the website. But if you want to go really deep if you really want to get to the core of the things that cause problems in life, then we would suggest to maybe look into the seminars on video. They have powerful meditation visualization techniques as well as worldview concepts that need more time to explain and will require your willingness and open mind to listen to. I would like to finish with the story that I use when I am telling people about numerology chart numbers and their meaning.

It is called Table of Pythagoras or psycho matrix or just numerology birth chart. Table of Pythagoras or Numerology chart is basically a table with nine slots and each slot has a certain amount of numerology numbers. It is basically numbers 1 though 9. Each numbers as we will talk in the future videos has its own energy and the amount of numbers also matters. We all have these nine qualities. Think about a certain life. We divide all the qualities in life into nine numerology numbers and each number stands for something. That can help you explain how things work in numerology birth charts. So to better understand how the table or numerology chart of Pythagoras work think of something like a village with nine different huts.

Nine little houses. And each house has people living in it. And this is not a modern village it is a village from a long, long time ago. Village of the ancient times and people of the village have to go hunting. So the people of the village have to hunt big elephant for example. Not a real elephant, just a big animal. Dinosaur or something. So, by understanding characteristics of each person who lives in those houses you will have a better understanding of what energy stands behind each numerology number in the chart.

And when you see a table of numerology chart of Pythagoras it will give you an idea. And you will know how to use this tool for self discovery of your life path with the help of Numerology. Numerology chart reading is even used in business to create very effective teams that can work together and help you with personal relationships and show you areas were you lack energy. And in what areas you need energy from another person so you can cooperate and partner up. So people in the house number 1 will be those who are the first to approach the animal. They will be those will be throwing the spears and first go into attack. Volunteer to do things. Numerology number 1 stands for being a pioneer and being the first. Being the inventor or being the leader. The leader who goes first and like to be the first in everything. So it will be those who will be attacking first. If you have a line of people, and how is going to volunteer.

Number one will be the one, they live in the hut number 1. We will do it. We will fight that animal and through all those spears. In the house number 2 you will have those people who will be bringing the spears to the number 1s. They will be the ones who are able to synchronize energy from the outside in order to create something. There is a female kind of type energy behind number two. They will be more diplomatic. They don’t like to be in conflict. They have the energy of support. They are the backdoor for numerology number 1. They have the energy to give for the things to be realized. People who live in the house number three will be those who are kind of like children and happy about life but at the same time they have a strong common sense. They have interests in many things. They are like tactical officers during the hunt. They are having fun. Numerology Number 3 in numerology chart is very interesting number.

There is a holy trinity, we divide things in to past, present and future. We will talk more about life path 3 and other numerology numbers in the future. This is just to give you a brief explanation about numerology birth chart. Number 4 – those will be people who will actually have to finish the job. If the number ones will those who will be throwing the spears and getting the animal to the point when it will die. Number 4s will those who finish the job. They will actually have to cut the animal into parts and do all the boring work. They are the ones that are hard working. They have the limits but they need to get it done. They are the finishers of the job. Which is very important. They also have a very physical energy, body oriented kind of energy.

That will be people in the numerology number 4 house in the village. Number 5 – as you can see it is right in the center of the numerology birth chart. Number 5 will have very good relationships with all the numbers. Number 5 are very good in PR commerce. They like to get people together. That is their main idea – to get everyone together and then maybe even step aside. That is their goal. They like change, travel and have new experience. There is a reason why we have 5 fingers on our hand. That stands for our ability to change the world. That what people living in the house number 5 stand for. Number 6 is hard to explain number. It is a very unique numerology number in the chart. Pythagoras used to call it perfect kind of number. Number 6 will be those people who will not even go hunting. They would just weight in the village until someone brings the animal and they would divide it among everyone. 6 would be the ones thinking about all kinds of things.

They are good thinkers and they are good organizers. They would know what is fair and have all these mental ideas on what is wrong and what is right and will put it all together. Number 7 – that will be those people who spend time researching about the animal. They will spend a lot of time by themselves researching and find why should we go hunting for an elephant and not another animal. Research on where this animal lives and what is the best dish you can make out of this animal. They are very keen in the research. Number 8 will be the house of the chief in the village. He will be the one who likes to control and be like a boss of the village.

Even though numbers 1 and 8 are connected in the numerology chart. Number one is more about ideas and leadership when number 8 is more about traditions and control. They are the boss. It is also very important to understand that each number has its positive and negative sides. So it is not as defined as you might think. You have to really look into each situation and figure out how to put it all together.

Number 9 in the numerology birth chart which is also a very important number. People in that house would be the shamans of the village. They are the wise men. Number 9 itself stands for memory, for wisdom for spirituality even. It has the energy of inner knowing. The shaman of the village. That basically just to give you an idea of what is numerology chart or Pythagoras table. And to give you an understanding of how you can start using it. There are a lot of different Numerology calculators out there and we hope to have one up and running pretty soon, so you can actually put it your date of birth and see your numerology birth chart number and life path number meaning.

So thank you for watching. Please use the buttons below to like the video and you are welcome to share with people and friends who could benefit from numerology chart reading. We’ll see you in the next video where we are going to talk about each numerology life path number. Have a good one and request Numerology Chart Reading below!.

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