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Nostradamus and the Notre Dame Horoscope


Nostradamus and the Notre Dame Horoscope

This is the second in a two-part series on the Nostradamus Notre Dame Fire prediction. At one point this website was receiving 500 visitors a minute, and I now have almost 8,000 of your questions and comments in front of me. Thanks to all who passed on their brilliant insights into the Nostradamus quatrains or verses. Now, what is next for the Dame, reborn?

President Macron, Notre Dame and Destiny

“We’ll rebuild this cathedral all together and it’s undoubtedly part of the French destiny and the project we’ll have for the coming years,” said President Macron, quoted by the BBC, after the tragic fire at Notre Dame on April 15th, 2019.

That’s an unusual phrase for any world leader to use ‘undoubtedly part of destiny’ – but then, this is France. She has a rich tradition of prophecy and astrology.  Chanel read her Lenormand Oracle cards. Dior saw a psychic. Nostradamus was – and is – the most famous astrologer and clairvoyant of all time.

There is an uncanny prediction about the Notre Dame blaze, in a black-and-white forecast which appeared in a book called The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus, Edited and Introduced by Ned Halley, in 1999 (Wordsworth Millennium Edition). 

Much depends on the author in charge of translation and interpretation with Nostradamus, but Halley’s book, published 20 years ago, gives us the timing of the blaze (if you are a professional astrologer you will see it immediately) and also a play on Macron’s name – a comment on the sexual abuse crisis sweeping the Vatican – and specifically, mention of France and Italy in trouble. What is really remarkable is the use of the word ’emotions’ which is the same word used by Macron and UNESCO in their online response to the tragedy. That word only appears once more in the entire, long Prophecies.


Chef d’Aries, Jupiter et Saturne,
Dieu eternel quelles mutations?
Puis par long siecle son maling temps retourne,
Gaule et Italie, quelles emotions?

The head of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn
God External, what changes can be expected?
Following a long century, evil will return
France and Italy, what emotions will you undergo?


Notre Dame and Nostradamus


The Head of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn

The astrological chart set for the moment that the fire was first reported shows rare patterns, lining up, involving Aries, Jupiter and Saturn. Decoding them (Jupiter is in Sagittarius, the sign of religion) we find the fire. If you missed the first part of the series on the uncanny Nostradamus prediction, you can see it here, along with the chart for the blaze itself.

 A reader with a broad knowledge of French pointed out to me that ‘head’ (The Head of Aries) can mean gaffer, or chief electrician. She is absolutely correct. The blaze is under investigation. Is this a typical Nostradamus clue? 

Notre Dame, as all the world now knows, was undergoing costly renovations prior to the fire and presumably rewiring was involved – we are yet to find out the facts. The interpretation of ‘head’ as slang for a leading boss/electrician can be found here, if you are curious.


Uranus, Electricity and Shock

Nostradamus saw visions of the distant future including Hitler (‘Hister’) which he did not always understand. He saw technology that made no sense to him, but he tried to paint word pictures for us as best he could. My friend, the well-known professional psychic Kyra Oser, believes poems are a powerful channel for these kinds of insights. 

Some of his visions may have been of planets or horoscope bodies that were not even dreamed of in the 16th century. Chiron in Aries, found in 1977 for example (Nostradamus is very specific about Aries in his prediction) but also Uranus, not found until 1781.

If you are an astrologer then your radar would automatically be switched on by this use of the word ‘head’ which is French slang for a head electrician or gaffer. The planet Uranus is symbolised by electricity. It was found in the year that Galvani discovered ‘animal electricity.’

Uranus also rules shock – and revolution. It left the zodiac sign of Aries in March 2019, in a cycle which can only take place every 80 years. On the night of the Notre Dame fire it stood in Taurus, the sign of great wealth – the kind of fortune owned by the Vatican – making a rare, close pattern with Chiron in Aries. The ‘chief electrician’ (Uranus) in Aries only recently left the building, in March 2019, weeks before the Notre Dame Fire. Is this typical word play from Nostradamus? Double meaning? He is notorious for it, in his famous Prophecies.

Notre Dame and the Prophecies


About Nostradamus and his 1555 Predictions 

Michel Nostradamus published his 1555 ‘quatrains’ or four-line predictions arranged in lots of 100. Called centuries, they are out of order. Colin Wilson wrote, “Most of these are incredibly obscure, and, since they are all mixed up together, it is difficult to guess what period they are supposed to apply to.”(The Giant Book of the Supernatural, Robinson Publishing, London 1991).

This is a common criticism of the work. Yet, the 1999 Halley translation of Nostradamus has precise accuracy (“emotion”) along with astonishing astrological timing of the moment.  I will go into that more in a moment when we look at the horoscope cycles for the year the foundation stone of Notre Dame was laid.

God External and Emmanuel Macron

The French President has been in the spotlight throughout this tragedy in Paris. Emmanuel – as a name – means, in part, with God. ‘God External, what changes can be expected?’ the quatrain asks. Well, following a long century (the last century of the previous Millennium) we have in fact seen ‘evil’ as the prophecy suggests. Cardinal Pell is just one of a long line of Catholic authorities to have been found guilty of child sexual abuse.

The Vatican and the Catholic Church

The New York Times ran this opinion piece on the day of the fire, though it had been written days before, claiming “theology and sex abuse have merged into one festering, suppurating mess. The instigator of controversy, this time, was the former pope, the 92-year-old Benedict XVI, who late last week surprised the Catholic intelligentsia with a 6,000-word reflection on the sex abuse crisis.” And so he had.

There are some other real mysteries here. Julian Assange was taken from the Embassy of Ecuador in London days before the blaze, yelling at the press. Wikileaks holds a page on its website, dated 1970 (most peculiar) titled ‘Notre Dame Prophecy.’ (You can read more about this in the first part of this feature).

Here is another mystery – the fact that not only did a 16th century astrologer predict the blaze at Notre Dame, he did so for a building already rich in zodiacal symbolism.

“Nearly all the French cathedrals of the twelfth to fourteenth centuries have the signs of the zodiac painted or cut on their gates. Of course the zodiac of Notre Dame in Paris is the best-known.” (Alice Morse Earle, Sundials and Roses of Yesterday, Cambridge Library Collection, 1902).

These stamps, for the zodiac signs Aries, Sagittarius and Capricorn – which feature in Nostradamus’ prediction for Notre Dame – are based on the cathedral art. They are popular on Pinterest, the internet’s visual pinboard.


Notre Dame Astrology Signs









Jupiter and Notre Dame

People are often surprised that cathedrals have horoscopes too – but so do nations – and in fact anything with a foundation or official start date. Notre Dame went through many incarnations, rather like modern nations, before she evolved into the place we know today. And – it was built on Jupiter. Literally built on the old Temple of Jupiter.

Moreover, it appeared in the form we know it today, in a year when Saturn (also mentioned by Nostradamus in his prediction) was in Sagittarius, the sign ruling religion. Centuries later, Jupiter himself would be in that same sign.

“When Maurice of Sully succeeded Peter Lombard and became the seventy-third bishop of Paris in 1160, he immediately set about to construct a new and vast cathedral (Notre Dame III). Pope Alexander is generally thought to have laid the corner stone of Notre Dame in 1163.” (Craig Wright, Music and Ceremony of Notre Dame of Paris, Cambridge University Press 1989).

Travel books like Time Out Paris accept this date, as do most academics and authors.  And it has long been known that the cathedral was founded on the ancient Roman temple of Jupiter himself (quoted by Paris walking tour guides today and cited in Sketches of Paris, John Sanderson, Carey and Hart, Philadelphia 1838 – and Old and New Paris, Henry Sutherland Edwards, Library of Alexandria).

Jupiter is a symbol of blessings and protection in astrology. Notre Dame was saved from collapse by the brave firefighters of Paris in a nine-hour battle. She stands. Is this also what Nostradamus was seeing? 

In the year 1163 when the foundation stone of Notre Dame was laid, Saturn and Jupiter had exchanged signs. That year, we find Saturn in Sagittarius. This can only happen every 29 years. Jupiter can only be in Sagittarius every 12 years. The great wheel turns and this is the work of a master astrologer – Nostradamus of France. (With thanks to Astro.com for their Ephemeris for 1163 here).

What the Future Holds for Notre Dame

 The modern translation of Nostradamus I recommend to all astrology-watchers is here 

 Now, a question for you. Is this Brexit and Louis Vuitton?

“Fleet, forces, water, wind of shadow to fear,
Sea and land in a truce. The friends has joined L.V.”

 Some astrological facts. Mercury Retrograde Shadow ends on April 18th 2019. It has coincided with Britain’s chaotic departure from France and the European Union.

Is Brexit ‘sea and land in a truce’ perhaps? Gucci and Louis Vuitton (behind the famous L.V. monogram logo) have just joined in giving more than $300 million to the Notre Dame rebuilding. Friends indeed. There is more, much more, to say about all this – and to see. The Paris prosecutor has opened an investigation into the Notre Dame fire.

Desire for Good Will Succeed

The Almanac of 1562 from Nostradamus, leaves us with:

“The hidden desire for the good will succeed,
Religion, peace, love and concord:
The nuptial song will not be completely in accord…”

This sounds very much like the beautiful hymns sung to Notre Dame by the people of Paris as she burned and they prayed. Perhaps it is civil partnership – equal marriage – that is the ‘nuptial song’ that is not completely in accord, the Vatican having chosen not to support it. What do you think? 



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