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Hello everyone welcome to your Soul Note for the New Moon on May 4th in Taurus. Taurus is about the embodiment of desire right and in all forms it represents that second house of working with your resources – emotional resources, physical resources, spiritual resources, money falls under the Taurean influence and also one’s attachment to desire. Desires are great but it can also trip us up a bit when we’re working with that human mind of “things have to happen a certain way.” We have very nice lunations in May it’s much calmer, pragmatic and grounded energy than all of that fire that we experienced in April. What we also have in place now is the Saturn opposition the North node conjunct South node. Saturn in Capricorn opposition the North node in Cancer. This can be felt as pressure, pressure around security themes, housing, family, soul growth; you know Cancer is about that soul growth and rules the 4th house. The 4th house is who we are when nobody’s looking.

It’s not about how we present ourselves, it’s not about what other people think of us, which we often have no control over, it’s about what we need, what nurtures us, what feeds us emotionally and instinctually. So there can be some unconscious energies running with us as well. Saturn is about what is the test, and what is the lesson? Saturn is the growth principle here on planet Earth that stretches us – so be aware of that. With the opposition its awareness and burgeoning awareness of perhaps even family imprints are still affecting you in the present timeline and how you may need a real releasing period of old fears.

Saturn can represent old limited thinking and outworn adherence to authority figures. These are some clues for our collective journey because this will be with us on and off but quite strongly through the October time frame. This is important and the more work in healing we do at the personal level that then goes up into the fabric of the collective. How can we make life on planet Earth better? Do your inner work, heal self, and it’s not just the meditative process but also reworking some of the internal scripts and fear mechanisms.

The first part of May Mercury is very active stretching us as its squaring Pluto squaring Saturn but it’s also trining up to Jupiter. Mercury is also pushing against that North Node. Mercury in Aries is very much about the fire and spirit of the individual and inspired action. Sometimes impatient action too. There will be a lot of dynamic energy this first week of May. May 2nd Mercury is in trine to Jupiter from 23 degrees of Aries to Sagittarius through Friday May 3rd – so this is inspired while it is squaring Pluto in Capricorn – the area of old authority figures, current authority figures, government, administrations, and institutions. We can plainly see these areas are in a state of dissolving and great change. We are in a period of great change and that’s why it’s so important to manage yourself and work with your own energies and not look for that security out there. Cultivate it in here.

On Saturday May 4th we’re also moving into is quite a spirited Mars Jupiter opposition. Mars, which is about instinct and desire. Taurus desire, Mars desire, is opposing Jupiter and that’s from Saturday the 4th until Tuesday the 7th – 23 degrees of Gemini to Sagittarius. You’ve got a lot of 23 or “5” energy here – change, growth, and opportunity; this can be helpful for taking a chance especially if you’re a bit of a retiring or fearful person. Mars Jupiter opposition can emboldened especially when you’re taking action on behalf of self and this real need for growth, expansion and exploration. This is about communication, mind, travel and perhaps education knowledge gathering.

This feels pretty exciting and good actually and then the New Moon on Saturday the 4th is exact at p.m. Eastern Daylight Time 14 degrees and it is making lovely connections. The New Moon sextiling the North Node in Cancer – working with your resources brings more comfort and soul growth. Sextiling Neptune in Pisces that 12th house of unconsciousness and dimensional energy.

Trining Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. The lunations last month were challenging the Saturn Pluto energy now the lunations, our instincts, what we feel like doing, our comfort levels are in positive connection with Saturn Pluto. Trining the Saturn Pluto energy which has to do with using your resources in creating your outer life, life direction, career, avocation, and community involvement in a positive and enhanced way. A lovely New Moon in Taurus carrying us through these first two weeks of May. On Sunday May 5th Venus is getting into the Saturn opposition node so we’ll feel this a little bit more personally again. Challenge and growth and on Sunday May 5th through Wednesday May 8th this is in operation.

Venus is about our values and our self-esteem – see what comes up. Venus is in Aries and she’s squaring the North Node in Cancer and she’s squaring Saturn in Capricorn. This sets up what’s technically called the t-square and where you want to direct that and empty that into is the Libra energy – energy of inner balance, inner equilibrium, finding your own harmony and then you can choose to respond. The state of peacefulness is very empowering. When we’re triggered we’re not feeling so empowered are we? When we can keep that inner balance and respond to whatever may be coming up in the Arian energy and Cancer and Capricorn because this is all cardinal sign energy – action and developments, and initiating. There may be some challenges here with your own personal preferences and what some energy is dictating to you and how can you find the way through with diplomacy, tact and balance. The 6th of May Mercury is joining the energy in Taurus so all of the strong movement and communications will become more grounded and seeking security. Seeking sustainability, and practicality.

Mercury will transit into Taurus on May 6 where he’ll be transiting until May 21st. We are in an evolutionary time period. Sessions with me, coaching packages, subscriptions, exclusive videos on my membership site can be found at www.jeanwiley.com or at the links below. Much love to you all and Namaste ~ you .

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