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New Moon in Aries 5th April 2019


I’m going to be speaking to you today about the first half of April and the new moon that we have in Aries!

I get to this really just to say that overall April is a very intense month and it’s going to give us a very good idea of what’s happening in early 2020.

In fact if you like the whole of 2019 is a preparation for early 2020 when we have that big conjunction between Saturn and Pluto 22 of Capricorn.

That hasn’t happened for the last 502 years so it’s a big deal and already we have Saturn and Pluto within three degrees of each other.

And that’s on and off all through this year so keep getting taste we keep getting glimpses of what early 2020 is about.

And we’ll certainly feel that this month because there’s a very strong concentration of energy around that 20 to 23 degrees of Capricorn area.

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