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Neptune in Pisces to 2026


Neptune in Pisces has been in your life since 2011 and will stay in that sign until 2026. At its best, Neptune brings a vacation from the real world. The Neptune in Pisces cycle when managed correctly, can feel like a 15-year holiday from reality. If you let things slide, though, you may end up with classic Neptune issues. Feeling all at sea. Drifting. Floating. Getting in over your head. Losing your way.

The symbol for Neptune is a trident. It is also the logo for Club Med resorts. This amazing advertisement not only carries the trident, it also describes what the very best of Neptune in Pisces feels like. A holiday in your head.

At its most extreme, Neptune in Pisces can mean you depart reality to the point where you can’t function in any normal way. You end up so far removed from everyday life that you find yourself ‘Not waving, but drowning.’ This line from the famous poem by Stevie Smith sums up difficult Neptune experiences well.

Which Area of Your Life is Affected?

Your Sun Sign or Zodiac Sign shows the headlines of your life. If you are a Premium Member you will also have a personal birth chart, and any factors in Pisces there will reveal the private story of 2011-2026. I will go into this in more detail with you later. For now, what’s been taking you away from reality since 2011?

ARIES – Secrets. The Unconscious. Dreams. Counselling. Psychics. Classified Information. Solitude. Meditation. Hypnosis.

TAURUS – Groups. Friendships. Secret Societies. Political Parties. Trade Unions. Bands. Social Media. Associations. Teams. Networks.

GEMINI – Career. Unpaid Work. University. College. Success. Status. Position. Mission. Ambition. Honours. Achievement. Goals.

CANCER – Travel. Publishing. Foreigners. Worldwide Web. Study. Teaching. Libraries. Universities. Schools. Exploration.

LEO – Business. Charity. Finance. Property. Taxation. Inheritance. Insurance. Loans. Mortgages. Currency. Investment. Shares.

VIRGO – Marriage. Professional Partnership. Divorce. Separation. Common-Law Marriage. Dating. Feuds. Disputes. Conflicts.

LIBRA – Lifestyle. Workload. Housework. Wellbeing. Fitness. Health. Drugs. Alcohol. Medication. Food. Duty. Service. Daily Life.

SCORPIO – Pregnancy. Adoption. Sons. Daughters. Nieces. Nephews. Godchildren. Grandchildren. Sex. Stepchildren. Young People

SAGITTARIUS – Houses. Apartments. Gardens. Home Town. Homeland. Family. Ancestors. Relatives. Caravans. Household.

CAPRICORN – Skype. Social Media. Telephones. Writing. Public Speaking. Television. Radio. Telepathy. Channelling. Languages.

AQUARIUS – PayPal. Stripe. eBay. Banks. Bitcoin. Houses. Apartments. Charity. Business. Shares. Investment. Trade. Taxation.

PISCES – Image. Name. Title. Role. Face. Shape. Style. Reputation. Profile. Avatar. Pseudonym. Identity. Hair. Wardrobe.

Floating Without Falling – Neptune in Pisces 2018-2019

This second Club Med advertisement with a Trident symbol in their logo – this time showing what it feels like to float on air. How do you float without falling, in the area of life relevant to your zodiac sign? Astrology can help. Just knowing the dates to watch, and what to expect, can make life much easier.

Handling Neptune in 2018, 2019

Neptune is associated with swimming. When Neptune turns direct, it can feel like you are moving forward, after a long period of treading water.

This is the case on Sunday November 25th (allow 24 hours either side for the world to catch up with itself). You will experience changes which suggest you are now in a position to switch direction in your life, in relation to the areas I’ve mentioned, above.

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If you are a Premium Member, you will have your personal birth chart, which will clearly show if you have any factors in Pisces. If you were born in the 1960’s, for example, you will have Neptune in Scorpio.

I’m now going to give you some dates from 2018 to 2026 which show months and years of escape.

This will not necessarily be about the area of life relevant to your usual Sun Sign or Zodiac Sign (unless you are an Aries, in which case you can double the intensity of everything I have listed for this cycle).

Do You Have Pisces Factors in Your Birth Chart?
If you do have Pisces factors in your personal birth chart, then they will fall in your Twelfth House. This is the house of secrets. Life behind the scenes. Your world below the surface. It rules everything that happens inside your mind, from dreaming to imagination. From psychologists to psychics. We associate the Twelfth House with everything which is invisible or unfathomable about you and your life. As you can imagine, if Neptune has been passing by since 2011, you may have been spending a great deal of time and energy on aspects of yourself and your world which nobody else can see.

For a detailed look at the Twelfth House, please see this feature I wrote on this area of your horoscope.

How Neptune Triggers Your Personal Birth Chart
Neptune moves very slowly across all 30 degrees of the zodiac sign Pisces, and will take his time to trigger (conjunct) Pisces factors in your horoscope.

November, December 2018 – Neptune at 13, 14 Pisces
January 2019 – Neptune at 14 Pisces
February 2019 – Neptune at 14, 15 Pisces
March 2019 – Neptune at 15, 16 Pisces
April 2019 – Neptune at 17 Pisces
May, June, July, August 2019 – Neptune at 18 Pisces
August, September 2019 – Neptune at 17 Pisces
September, October 2019 – Neptune at 16 Pisces
November, December 2019 – Neptune at 15, 16 Pisces

If you have factors at Pisces 14, 15, 16, 17 (for example, if you were born on March 6th, 7th, 8th you might have been born with Sun 15 Pisces 52, Sun 16 Pisces 52 or Sun 17 Pisces 52) then you can see how this story in your life – all about an escape from the real world – goes backwards and forwards.

People Born Around March 6th, 7th, 8th
If you were born around March 6th, 7th, 8th or know people who have those birthdays (all Pisces) then it will help to know that Neptune is ‘on’ the Sun in the chart. It’s Transiting Neptune conjunct the Sun, in astrology terms. It goes on for many months in 2019.

The Sun describes how people shine. What makes them stand out? What makes them brilliant. It can also show what they have to work on, about themselves, if things are not so brilliant! Neptune ‘on’ the Sun can be a time of great escapism. It can be hard to be down-to-earth or grounded. When Neptune arrives, having both feet firmly on the pavement can be really hard work.

Maserati also use a Trident in their advertising as it is the official logo of their famous, luxury car. This wonderful campaign featuring the beautiful model Genevieve Morton illustrates this point really well.

Do You Have Pisces Factors at 0 through 12?
If your personal birth chart shows factors at 0 through 12 degrees (you may have the Moon at 10 Pisces 29 for example) then you already know what it’s like to have this cycle in your life. In one of these years in particular – 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 or 2017 – you would have been floating, escaping from the real world and struggling to keep your feet on planet earth. The issue would have been a Twelfth House matter – so a secret. Life behind the scenes or below the surface.

Do You Have Pisces Factors at 16 through 29?
If so, Neptune is yet to fully trigger your personal birth chart. Yet, looking up the degree of your Pisces planets, asteroids and so on, will show you which year you need to make a particular effort to contain and control what is going on – behind closed doors – or inside your head.

Pisces Factors at 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 – Watch the Year 2020
If you have factors in Pisces at 16, 17, 18 then you will experience a replay or rewind of issues you were dealing with in 2019. If you have factors at 18, 19, 20 then in the year 2020 you may want to look up The Twelfth House again here.

Pisces Factors at 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 – Watch the Year 2021
If you have factors at 18, 19, 20 then I’m sure you can see why these cycles move very slowly as in 2021 you will revisit a chapter from 2020. If your Pisces factors are at 21, 22, 23 (for example Mercury at 21 Pisces 54) then the year 2021 will show you, in quite an obvious way, why you need to keep strong boundaries between non-reality and reality! This scene from the 1989 Disney classic The Little Mermaid shows King Triton (Neptune) at large. Life can often seem like an animated film, or a day in a Disney theme park, when you are going through a Neptune cycle.

Pisces Factors at 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 – Watch the Year 2022
If you have factors at 20, 21 then you will see a replay or rewind of the ‘film’ of your life from 2021 this year. If your Pisces factors are at 22, 23, 24, 25 (for example Venus at 23 Pisces 25) then you will experience the non-reality and escapism of Neptune in the year 2022.

Pisces Factors at 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 – Watch the Year 2023
If you have factors at 22, 23, 24, 25 then the year 2023 is a continuation of the vacation from regular, normal, ordinary, everyday life that you saw in the year 2022. If your Pisces factors are at 26, 27 then the year 2023 will feel brand new. You may want to go out of your way to ground yourself.

Pisces Factors at 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 – Watch the Year 2024
In 2024 we find Neptune passing through Pisces 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 degrees. If you have factors at 25, 26, 27 then the years 2023 and 2024 can be taken together. If at 27, then you’ll have the last of this cycle in January, February 2025. If you have factors at 28, 29 Pisces then you will see some repetition of the same story in February, March, October, November, December 2025 – and perhaps January 2026.

An In-Depth Guide to Neptune in Astrology

Discovered on September 23rd, 1846, Neptune’s position was predicted before it was found. In astrology, we use the circumstances around a planet’s discovery and naming, to find its meaning. These correspond with the Roman God or Goddess that gives the planet – or asteroid – its name.

Neptune rules prediction. Seeing across time and space with clairvoyance. Looking into the future. You can call it clever guesswork or intuition. Other realities! Yet – this is ultimately how Neptune was found. Through a sense of knowing.

NASA: “Neptune is the only planet in our solar system not visible to the naked eye.”

Sousse Archaeological Museum
Palermo – Regional Archaeological Museum Antonio Salinas

This image of Neptune is from the Sousse Archaeological Museum. You can see his famous trident in this mosaic from Palermo (Regional Archaeological Museum Antonio Salinas).

Neptune ruled over oceans, rivers and fountains in Ancient Rome and was associated with sea horses, whales, all fish and dolphins.

“The Roman soothsayers always offered to him the gall of sacrificed horses and bulls,” according to the historian John Lempriere, “which in taste resembles the bitterness of the sea-water.” The connection between soothsaying and the sea is over 2000 years old.

Neptune and Guesswork – Peering into the Future
This very good website by astrologer Brad Kronen references this scientific ‘soothsaying’ which took place before a German astronomer used previous guesswork to find Neptune.

“Germany said they found it, then they discovered it. France said they told Germany where to look. England told France they came up with the whole thing to begin with,” Kronen writes.

Neptune and Blind Faith
Trusting a planet is there, is not too far removed from trusting that there is a God, or even a lamb of God. It takes faith. It takes inner vision. The German astronomer who eventually claimed Neptune was a religious man. Johann Gottfried Galle worshipped at the Moravian (Protestant) church in Breslau.

Hazy Vision, Second Sight and Beer Goggles
Every planet and asteroid has a sliding scale. At its peak Neptune is about spirituality – be it religious or not. We talk about blind faith, when we speak of Neptune. Eyesight is associated with this planet because under water, our vision distorts. The inner vision of soothsayers – clairvoyants – is also a variation on normal ‘sight.’ It can be called second sight. Neptune is associated with mysteries and mysticism. Neptune lends his name to the 7th and final movement of Gustav Holst’s The Planets: it is subtitled The Mystic.

The U2 song by Christian Bono She Moves in Mysterious Ways is a nod to this. It’s a Neptune anthem.

This planet is linked to alternative realities and other kinds of seeing. The phrase “I was blind but now I see” which is a Christian staple is Neptunian.

In astrology, as I’m sure you know, every symbol has a high point and low point.

Extending this, we find we talk about other kinds of distorted vision, with Neptune. Beer goggles and blind drunks are very much part of this planet’s symbolism.

Some 17 days after Neptune was discovered, William Lassell found Triton, Neptune’s largest moon. He funded his astronomy from his Liverpool beer brewery.

Smoking, Cigarettes, Marijuana, Illegal and Legal Highs
The Frenchman who also had a claim on Neptune had attended The School of Tobacco Application before turning to astronomy. His name was Le Verrier. They loved him so much in France they used him in chocolate advertisements, but he seems to have preferred cigarettes.

We associate mist, fog, haze, highs, altered states, smoke, puffs, clouds and vapours with Neptune. Vaping as well. Speaking of altered states, did you know that Queen Victoria saw a psychic in the year Neptune was discovered, and started the fashion for clairvoyants and mediums? From 1846 everybody was talking about spiritualism, just as they were talking about the guessing-game planet Neptune.


Queen Victoria, Psychics and Neptune
Queen Victoria saw the 11-year-old clairvoyant Georgiana Eagle on July 15th, 1846 and gave her an engraved gold watch in thanks. It was the beginning of the boom in spiritualism (mediumship) and psychics for the Victorians. The full story is told in Light: A Review of Psychic and Spiritual Knowledge and Research.

Absent Minds, Forgetfulness, Neptune and Asperger’s
John Couch Adams, yet another astronomer with a claim on Neptune, probably had Asperger syndrome. He had a poor memory and it may have contributed to his woolly approach to Neptune. Other astronomers beat him to it.

Anaesthetic and Neptune – Comfortably Numb
In astrology, as we’ve seen, the definition of a planet or asteroid as a symbol, comes from obvious associations between the God or Goddess it is named for, and other historic events in the year a planet is found. This kind of coincidence, or correlation, or correspondence, was called Synchronicity by Carl Jung.

In 1846 when Neptune was claimed, the American dentist William Morton removed a tooth from a man who had wanted to be hypnotised (another Neptune idea) to dull the pain. In the end, Morton put the man under sulfuric ether.

Two weeks later, a tumour came out of another man’s jaw. The patient later “sank into a state of insensibility.” Ether anaesthesia made its public debut in the same year that the French gave Neptune its hazy, misty, foggy, fuzzy name. A tumour came out of a woman’s arm, also using the numbing power of ether.

By 21st November 1846, as people were adjusting to the idea of a mysterious new planet (it would be firmly named Neptune by 1847) no less a man than Oliver Wendell Holmes suggested the word ‘anaesthesia’ to describe the ether vapour.

This brings us back to the idea of fumes again. So, cigarettes or the rising hot spring vapours above ancient Roman Baths. Nobody uses ether as an anaesthetic today, but it is a recreational drug. Polish peasants used to drink it at the turn of last century.

Neptune, Ether and the Oxford Dictionary
As a literary term, ether means: “The clear sky; the upper regions of air beyond the clouds.” Less formally,ether is ‘Air regarded as a medium for radio.’

The word ‘ether’ is Late Middle English: from Old French, or via Latin from the Greek aithēr which means ‘upper air’ and comes down to us from the word aithein which means ‘burn, shine.’

The English put forth the name Oceanus for the new planet in 1846 but in the end, Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier had Neptune accepted. It is so typical of astrology that the word Verrier means ‘glassblower’ in French!

Neptune and Pisces – Global Warming, Climate Change and The Cloud
Neptune is the ruler of Pisces in astrology and it is extremely unusual to find Neptune in Pisces, his own sign – but that is where he has been since 2011 and where he remains.

Neptunus, from the Latin, means “to become damp, cloudy.” Pisces is, of course, a water sign. I don’t need to point out that the years Neptune has been in Pisces, have coincided with climate change, global warming and the melting of our ice-caps. The Neptune in Pisces years have also coincided with The Cloud. You may be using it now.

Going Under and Coming Around – How Neptune is Your Astrological Dentist

On 1st October 1846, Le Verrier sent letters to three European observatories proposing Neptune as a name and the symbol of the Trident to portray it, in astronomy. (It is the same in astrology, too, as you probably know).

The word “trident” comes from the Latin – tridentis – and tri means three, and dentes means teeth. King Neptune carried a trident as his weapon. Yet, we can also see a connection here with dentists, and that takes us back to anaesthetic. Le Verrier was an astronomer, not an astrologer, but he was ‘doing’ astrology when he came up with that name. We link dentists to the idea of going under – and coming around!

When you go under the water in a Club Med swimming pool you escape from the real world. If you are in the ocean, you might find yourself going under the waves and feeling comfortably numb. This is your holiday from reality and it is bliss. However, you also have to come up and come around – back to the airport and back to work. This is a variation on a theme, using the Neptune trident symbol as a metaphor.

If you go for a ride in a Maserati with the windows down and the wind in your hair, you can also escape from reality as you gaze at the famous trident on the bonnet.

Disneyland is not reality; it is a kind of reality. At a certain point, as with Club Med, you have to stop watching re-runs of The Little Mermaid or buying King Triton toys at the Disney store and go home.

These ideas about blocking the real world, and losing yourself in a film, and gazing at the hypnotic effect of spa lights are all related. They are the high end, or nice end, of Neptune as dentist. Have you ever had a tooth pulled under gas, or with an injection? You’ve experienced the tri-dentist.

Everyone loves Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. The Trident of Poseidon (the Greek forerunner to Neptune) is a key feature of that film. At a certain point, though, the cinema lights go up and you have to remember Johnny Depp is just an actor. Even the bad teeth are fake.

Neptune in Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius in 2019

A square in astrology describes two planets at sharp angles to each other. You can’t square what they represent. It is not a fit. It’s uncomfortable and it makes you want to do something about it. In 2019 we will all experience Neptune in Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius.

This isn’t so bad, as Jupiter is a helper and a healer. Jupiter in Sagittarius is about opportunities to travel – more easily, at greater distances and more often. Neptune in Pisces, as we’ve seen, is about escaping from the real world. Being comfortably numbed, to quote Pink Floyd. Having a different sort of vision.

In 2019, we will wake up to realise we cannot square our new travel opportunities with climate change and global warming. (The kind that leads to the melting of the ice caps and flooding, too.)

I am writing this on November 25th, 2018 on the Neptune Station (or standstill) in Pisces. Next year is a long way off. Yet, you could predict the most fantastic changes in the airline, cruise, ferry and car industries – perhaps with currency exchange rates on our side too – at the same time that we realise the waters are rising.

This is how you predict the future in astrology. On January 12th-16th, 2019 we will not be able to square the new travel boom with storms, record rainfall and floods. The situation repeats June 15th-22nd, 2019. Bear that in mind if you are planning to travel around those periods. Double-check the weather.


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