So after my last post you guys really helped me get my mind right about dealing with my gf and her extraordinary claims of being giah..transmuting all the energy of the world and ssuch. I called the shaman that was giving the rieki class she was to attend. He basically told me what all you guys did. So i told her i talked to him..didnt elaborate..and i wanted her to see the psychotherapist. She has a video appointment with him tomorrow. But…so after i went home yesterday..made dinner and hung out with the kids i decided to go to bed. She had been in the bedroom transmuting all day? She tells me i have an attachment on me and sprays me with smudge spray. Then my daughter comes in wanting me to make donuts at 10 pm. I told her tomorrow. About this time gf says that she cant handle my energy like im doing something bad. I say whats wrong? She says shes so sensitive and she cant be around me with my energy..evidently i bring home attatchments from work. I did not argue. I feel like shes going to leave me. Thats fine but we have a 3 year old. How would you guys deal with this?. If you have any suggestions i would be appreciative. Not really looking forward to dealing with her tonight when i get home. I cant turn to my family..this is too much.

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