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Mojo Bags? & Lady Pamita


Hi all! I’ve been listening to a great podcast by Lady Pamita called “Magic and the Law of Attraction” (anyone else listen?) and she talked about mojo bags.

“A Mojo Bag is a personal talisman worn or carried to bring love, prosperity, protection or luck. It is created using a small flannel bag and one or more botanical, mineral or animal ingredients that are traditionally associated with your intention.”

You give your mojo bag a baptism and a name… and you feed it with 1 of 4 things: drops of whiskey, Florida water, Hoyt’s Cologne (?), or smoke from incense. No one else is supposed to see or touch your mojo bag or it will die and you’ll need to start over again. Wear your bag next to your skin until your intentions have come to realize.

I think it’s the coolest idea and I love it! Does anyone have experience this?

Edit: You know what? I’m sorry – Her name is Madame Pamita. My apologies!! Madame Pamita 🙂

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