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The Most Chaotic Mercury Retrograde of 2019

Mercury, the planet which rules the internet, your telephone and computer, your schedule, your commute and travel plans is about to time some chaos in your life. Be prepared. That is what astrology is for! Mercury Retrograde begins and ends with a shadow period, so please take that into account as Google may be giving you the wrong dates.

Mercury moves forwards, stands still, then goes backwards, then stands still – then repeats himself – across 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 degrees of Pisces from Wednesday 20th February to Wednesday 17th April, 2019. This is crazy behaviour for the planet of communication, transportation and information. And the whole planet will be crazy.

Keep your diary open and flexible because you will be doing a lot of erasing and rescheduling for eight long weeks!

Important – If you are a Premium Member and have your personal birth chart, check to see if you have any factors at Pisces 16 through 29 degrees. If you do, please avoid February 20th to April 17th for anything classified, secret, confidential, behind the scenes or below the surface. Choose another time to cover up, hide or disappear. 

Why is This Mercury Retrograde So Chaotic?

Why is this Mercury Retrograde so chaotic? Because the planet of confusion – Neptune –  is also at 16, 17 Pisces. Be cautious on February 20th, 21st and March 23rd to 31st in particular, then April 1st to 4th.

If you can launch something important at any time at all, avoid those dates in particular when Mercury and Neptune line up. In general, for the whole eight-week period, you’re going to see people changing their minds, or changing plans.

I am predicting this on January 2nd, but between February 20th and April 17th 2019 we will see earthquakes and tsunamis with widespread flooding, right around the world along with heavy rainfall, burst rivers and dams. Astrology says ‘Be prepared and check the fine print on your  insurance.’

World Predictions February 20th to April 17th 2019 – From Japanese Whale Fails to Facebook

Astrology tells us that between February 20th and April 17th we can expect –

*People traffickers and migrants on boats to trigger a new crisis in the English Channel.
*Scallop Wars II as French and British fishermen come to blows over their Brexit rights.
*Billions of dollars’ worth of damage from U.S. floods, hurricanes and storms.
*Cloud computing failure – loss of customer data and outages around the world.
*Multi-millions affected by widespread hacking.
*Nigel Farage  under scrutiny for his secret dealings with Donald Trump and others.
*More Facebook undercover tactics revealed and a further steep loss in numbers and value.
*The worst crisis yet for Wikileaks and Julian Assange.
*A huge Asia-related drug smuggling bust which makes front pages all over the world.
*Newspapers scrutinise the budgets, spending and charity activities of Harry and Meghan.
*Another major spy scandal with smokescreen after smokescreen, in Europe and the USA.
*Absolute chaos in the Liberal Party in Australia with rumoured spills and re-spills.

What Mercury Retrograde Delivers – Some Good News!

On the plus side, Mercury Retrograde means –

Between February 20th and April 17th Japan’s plan to start whaling again is a colossal failure. You might call it a Whale Fail. The final results by April 17th will be whales 1 and Japan 0, as legal muddles and mess – plus direct action by Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd – save the whales. Not without a clash of sails, though. Expect stormy waters.

February 20th to April 17th will be one of the most chaotic Mercury Retrogrades you’ve seen. Here is how your sign is affected – look up the signs of the people in your life as well, particularly if you work with them. Expect a glitch there. Mercury’s winged sandals are famous but on this cycle, they will be pointing backwards – he’ll be stuck and slow.


Mercury Retrograde – What Does It Mean?
What Does Mercury Retrograde 2019 Say For Your Sign?

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo

Aries – Don’t start or intensify anything secret, classified or confidential now as you are beginning it at the worst possible time. Avoid seances and Ouija boards and particularly witchcraft as the lower astral world is messier now. Check your internet and phone privacy. If you secretly drink or use drugs you’ll be more powerfully affected. Be aware.
Taurus – That group you belong to, or are strongly affected by, will fall into chaos for two months. One of the reasons is a lack of boundaries between yourself and a friend. Drugs and alcohol don’t mix well with these people. Don’t join social media now or start a group. Muddles involving one of the most important networks in your life take 2 months to sort.
Gemini – If you begin a job or project now, or start your studies, get it all in writing and read the fine print. Things are going to change, either in terms of the people, the job or course description or the dates. You will be rescheduling your rescheduling for two months. Absolute confusion over your career or chosen field reigns for 2 months so be aware.
Cancer – Do not travel regionally or overseas now unless you have insurance and are checking weather conditions, computers at the airport and so on – to the day. This is not a good time to publish (or enrol in study or teaching) unless you have Plan B, C and D. Mercury Retrograde makes foreign translation more difficult than usual too.
Leo – Don’t file your tax return now, launch a business or make major purchases or sales, unless you want mess, muddle and rescheduling. This cycle affects your banking so don’t apply for a credit card now or switch banks. Have Plan B and C if you must go ahead. Get it in writing and read the fine print if it involves money as there may be big muddles.
Virgo – Your former, current or potential partner will be confused and confusing at this time. Do not join a dating website unless you want delays or reversals. Keep any enemy, opponent or rival out by strengthening your boundaries and ‘walls.’

Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces
Libra – Look carefully at your intake of prescribed and recreational drugs – and alcohol. The tiniest things will affect your body now and also your mind. Expect rescheduling, reversed decisions, extreme weather and transport changes to affect your job, studies or unpaid work. Your daily routine will not be ‘routine’ now so have a super-flexible diary.
Scorpio – Boundaries with your own or other people’s children (from small toddlers to young adults) will be all over the place, all the time. Try to put them back in. You may also cross the line, or have the line crossed by, a lover. Youth-related projects need Plan B, C and D. This is not a good time to start an affair or go online dating. It’s far too confused.
Sagittarius – Do not buy or sell a property now unless you want to go back to the drawing board. It’s the same for leases or renovations, Air BnB and other accommodation. Get it in writing and read the fine print, if you must go ahead. It’s the same for new room-mates or flatmates you may be ushering in, or showing out. Try another time if you can.
Capricorn – Your chances of losing a phone or computer, needing it repaired, or being exposed to hackers or malware increase on this Mercury Retrograde. Have Plan B and C for your commute or short-haul travel, as extreme weather or other X factors will affect you. Check your insurance. If you can launch a course, blog or speech any time, do it later.
Aquarius – Your banking, credit card, use of Paypal or Stripe, insurances, taxes, major sales or purchases, business contracts, payments, house or apartment, shares and the rest will be rewritten or reverse at this time. Plan accordingly. Get everything on paper and read it. Don’t switch banks or get new cards now unless you actually like delays.
Pisces – This is not a good time for cosmetic surgery, weight loss programs, name changes, new photographs, self-promotion or public relations or any other ‘Me’ initiative as you will hit standstills, reversals, delays or even about-turns, on this chaotic Mercury Retrograde. If you can push yourself or your appearance another time, then do it.


Mercury Retrograde in 2019 is unusually chaotic.


*Rehearsals, first drafts, rough sketches and anything that can be redone, erased or rewritten.
*Going back over old files, letters, documents, photographs and paperwork. See what comes back to you.
*The schemes you oppose (from business or politicians) come to nothing if launched now. That has to be good news for you – they don’t use astrology, but you do.
*Put ‘re’ in front of every word and you’ll see what works – so rethink your original plans, reschedule what you had in mind, redo what you may have considered ‘done’ already. When Mercury Retrograde appears, always use ‘re’ in your life.


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