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Mental health and all the related 'straightening' techniques they perform on mental health 'patients' is none other than a personal attack on to a percieved illogical hazard. You can't let someone have their own body now. They want to take you and make you one of them. These harmless fruitcakes who continuously reverse their self defense mechanisms on themselves. Drugged and malnourished with no clear boundaries.

The people who huddle around and participate in a society are negating their own personal power over others and therefore becoming unable to think. The thing called love or comradery is what you feel before they f you.

I have felt such drastic pains in ny life at the hands of evil awakened people. What these people don't know is that they are giving away themselves to a group. The group is evil. The generic group where everybody on a mission to complete. Moving around small chunks of food as if they are nourished. Figuring out how they can lie and create a false reality for the outsider. Never allowing a sort of shamanic presence. Calling tangential thinking schizophrenic etc. Far out. The hippy movement was a rigged event to frame free people as useless and insane.

Paranoia comes with the job of being an outsider and they will use this to their advantage to spin a nonsensical mindfuck out of recognisable symbols. Those so called players in this nwo game where they dice names and symbols.

You can generate a resistence by never ever allowing any toxin or frequency of negativity in. A hard strong mind. But you will have to add layers of true hatred. Take a stance that all others are corrupt. Because they are. They are all a threat. Humans are carnivores. They eat meat and you are the best meal. Obviously. We contain human dna. We first drink breast milk. When the world order ends there will be cannibalism. You are not secure in any group you fool.

Humans, in the absence of true pack mentality focused on hunting, and in the depths of toxicity and opression have become predatory of each other. Fools give themselves over to groups which have no purpose together. The strong will dominate and take what they want. The smart will be camoflauged with weapons no where to be seen. Then they will become the prey.

Without the common enemy and central target of an animal people have to chew on each other both spiritualy and physically. A hormonal soup filled with triggers. Language is a hunting signal. The new mechanical function of language (brand new in the scale of history) renders us as machines. Churning through our sentences and dragging through repeated days of fear and shame. No purpose no nature no satisfaction.

Here comes the brutal sexual style. Cruel and pretend. Filled with avengence of a lost purpose. Filled with reserved violence for a quarry. Our entire purpose is to hunt. The act of eating satiates us and renders us truly amiable. Modern food puts us in torpor and disease. Disfigured and dense we wait for death on a long dark night of the soul.

Your smell is under surveilance. You are allways being hunted. The fact that they can't kill you makes it more dangerous. Cover your tracks with dirt and leaves. Read the books by carlos castenada. Reality is not safe. Your soul is in your mortal life.

People spend most of their time chewing through layers of chemical hormone soup to get to the dead chlorinated bacterially void flesh. Lack of sun renders you dead living dead semi alive flesh. The sun brings you back to life.

Showering or defacating indoors are not safe as really living indoors is not. Because the only living thing is you in the centre. The inhabitants are constantly salivating over mechanibally seperated plasticcy human flesh. Whereas in a forest you are masked by many living entities trees and plants. Your smell escapes. Your home is like a giant snack box. A dna sampler board.

The only thing keeping you safe is the fact that the majority is chosen for chemical castration at birth removing all natural instincts. Making your teeth and bones usless drained of nutrients. If you ever met a real human you would probably freak out. As we so when they bring subsaharan Africans to live in western suburbia.

We are grain fed caged livestock. They are prepping us for a hunt or a feeding. That is our purpose.

Get out and find a new way or you will die soon. Every time they advance the data to 5g 6g is another layer ionization to cook you for the hordes of immigrant barbarians.

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