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Meaning Behind the Mudra: Bhu Mudra – The Mother Earth Mudra


Bhu Mudra or the Mother Earth Mudra helps the practitioner cultivate the energy of earth, and an awareness of being connected to planet earth itself. The Sanskrit word bhu refers to planet earth, and also the earth element, as does the word prithvi. Take a trip to India or Nepal, and you’ll see statues of some Hindu deities with their hands in Bhu mudra, most notably Bhumi Devi the earth goddess who represents mother earth. Deities with this mudra in their hands are said to have a connection to the earth or represent a relationship to nature. Practicing Bhu mudra allows us to not only invoke a sense of being ‘earthed’ or grounded, but also helps us reflect upon how we can bring about the qualities of Bhumi Devi or mother earth within ourselves.


bhu-mudra-mother-earth-mudra-yogamattersMudras are essentially symbols or gestures made with the body and hands to cultivate a change of energy. Each finger connects subtly to the elements of nature, and by practicing mudras with a sense of intention and awareness, they can deeply enhance a yoga practice beyond a physical experience of postures and shapes. Mudras have been used and holistically prescribed for thousands of years to help balance the energy of the body and mind, and interestingly they’re found throughout many cultures, including ancient Christian texts too. Exploring mudras offers us an opportunity to add empowering tools to our yoga, meditation and self care practice, and they can be practiced wherever and whenever you are.


To practice Bhu mudra, sit or stand with the arms and shoulders relaxed, curl the fingers and thumbs into the palm, keeping the index and middle fingers straight, pointing to or touching the ground. Connecting to the earth is possibly one of the most important things we could do within a yoga and meditation practice right now, as many of us spend little time outdoors and little time in real face-to-face contact with people as opposed to technology. We benefit enormously from feeling connected to the earth and nature, so when practicing Bhu mudra, step outside if you’re able to and feel your feet on planet earth.


Connected To Earth

If like much of the modern world you’re living a fast-paced life of technology, busy schedules, and little time spent outside, Bhu mudra can provide a moment of solace and a real sense of getting ‘grounded’ again. When practicing, bring your awareness to the parts of your body that touch the ground, and make your exhales slower and longer to calm the nervous system.


Connected To The Planet

Although it may seem we’re all pretty separate, the system of tantric yoga (which is where many of the mudras and asanas stem from) views the universe and everything in it as one. In essence, we’re connected deeply to the plants and people around us, and keeping this notion in mind can really help bring about more compassion, trust, and connectivity in everyday life. When practicing Bhu mudra in this way, step outside and become aware of all the plants, animals and people around you as you make the gesture. When entering a challenging or stressful situation, try keeping this mudra in your hands to remind you how connected we all really are.

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