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Developing your psychic abilities means discovering and practising your intuitive skills and learning how to use them.

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After knowing some basics about this kind of abilities and becoming familiar with them, you need to spend many hours of practicing. By practicing, the use of the ability becomes automatic and it slowly integrates within your daily life. Once you master this ability, it will become a part of you.

The psychic abilities are known as the 6th sense, so they are as useful as the other ones. They help to “observe” the connection between the physical world and the psychic phenomena. The good part of the psychic abilities is that they manifest themselves, but in order to develop them, you need discipline in your lifestyle.

You might even draw in your life other people involved in the metaphysical. Their presence is helpful and actually necessary. For example, we were all born with the ability to see auras, but most of us have lost it down the way, because at some point we were told or realized that others didn’t.

We must be aware that developing our psychic abilities is part of the real life and that there is no shortcut to becoming more psychic. This entire process is based on personal growth and it takes time and effort in order to master the 6th sense.


psycchic abilitiesThe psychic abilities and methods are as follows:

Divination – The pendulum is the easiest and most common tool of all the divination ones, maybe that’s why its power is so underestimated. The pendulum must be a weight on a piece of thread no longer than 30cm. The gold ring is very popular, for instance. Some people may prefer a small crystal, because it doesn’t tend to spin and twist on the thread. However, the response of the pendulum is different for each of us.

Seeing Auras – Every living creature has an aura, even the Earth itself. Most of the people have lost the ability to see an aura as they’ve grown up, but some people have always been able to see those colored circles that the human body emanates. In order to see an aura, one has to believe in their existence in the first place.

Reading the Tarot cards is the most fulfilling and the most complex art and the best method that a psychic teacher can use in order to expand a person’s psychic abilities.

After months of meditation and practice, you’ll gain enough experience in order to know if your psychic abilities are improving. Keeping a journal of your experiences and dreams and writing down the results will help reinforce the conscious-unconscious connection.

An increasing success rate of your psychic abilities will determine that your “hits” are not coincidence anymore and that you begin to trust yourself.

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