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Mars Landing in Your Horoscope!


Mars Landing in Your Horoscope in 2019

Mars is the planet of action, heat, speed and rapid results. In 2019 he passes through Aries and Taurus, triggering two very different stories in your life. Read on to find out how you will be affected. If you are a Premium Member, there is important news about your image or your money, if you have factors in Aries/and or Taurus. For the moment, though, let’s look at the headlines of your life next year. Take a deep breath because 2019 is going to start with a bang.

Mars in Aries in January, February 2019

Mars moves into his new sign of Aries just in time for New Year’s Eve 2019 and all those New Year’s Resolutions. This is important because he joins the key asteroids Salacia, Diana, Aesculapia and Minerva in January. Then, on 13th February, we see Mars conjunct Uranus at 29 Aries. That’s a revolution. For Libra and Sagittarius, it is the final revolution regarding former, current or potential lovers – after 7 years of changes. Now, read on to see how your Sun Sign is affected.


Mars is the Roman god of war. He is a ‘male’ planet and symbolises people, organisations and situations which are hard and fast. Things get done. Things happen. Yet – peace of mind is at stake. In a moment you can see where Mars landing on your chart will crank things up. What really helps you in January and around February 13th (a key Mars date) is the fact that some female symbols in your horoscope are right alongside this planet. In fact, we find the goddesses Salacia, Diana and Minerva – all asteroids in astrology – also in Aries. This is really useful because it offsets the usual potential for issues that Mars brings. Left to his own devices, Mars can just be white heat, low tolerance, the possibility of drama, simmering tension and way too much old-school male domination. This time around as 2019 begins we find a more interesting story.

What To Expect From January, February 2019

Mars, Salacia, Diana, Aesculapia, Minerva and Uranus all in Aries will bring an unforgettable beginning to 2019.

*Instant results with no time wasted.
*The risk of conflict if things go too far.
*Impatience and a lack of tolerance need monitoring!
*There is a deep need for freedom and independence for you and others.
*Historic decisions by you – and about you – mark the start of 2019.
*This is one of those new years that will genuinely feel new to you.

The NASA Mars Landing of November 2018 was your cue. The new soundtrack for January-March 2019 is Life On Mars and you are going to be stunned at how quickly two areas of your life start to move, as the New Year begins.

Mars Landing in Aries – How Are You Affected?

Aries – This is about your image. Profile. Reputation. Title. Name. Appearance. Brand. The person you seem to be online.
Taurus – This is about your secrets. Classified information. Confidential subjects. Life behind the scenes. Your mysteries.
Gemini – This is about your friends. The groups you belong to. The groups you are affected by. Clubs, teams and networks.
Cancer – This is about your career. Your unpaid work. Your part-time job. Your studies. Your ambition and position.
Leo – This is about your website or blog. Your course. Your book or ebook. Your travel plans. Foreign or regional links.
Virgo – This is about your finances. Your legacy. Any legacy left to you. Property. Business. Charity. Valuables. Taxation.
Libra – This is about your partner. Your former partner. Your potential partner. Your enemy. Your rival. Your opponent.
Scorpio – This is about your lifestyle. Your daily workload. Your body. Your service and duty to others. Your daily routine.
Sagittarius – This is about your son. Your daughter. Your godchild, niece, nephew or grandchild. Youth, full stop. Lovers!
Capricorn – This is about your house. Your house boat. Your apartment. Your town or country. The household. Your family.
Aquarius – This is about the internet. Multimedia. Communication. Education. Language. The written and spoken word.
Pisces – This is about your money. Your house or apartment. Your charity. Your business. Your valuables. Your business.

Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Capricorn in 2019 – No More Fence-Sitting in Love

Soon after he completes his whirlwind trip through Aries, Mars switches signs to Taurus, near Saint Valentine’s Day, February 14th. This will be the trigger for Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Capricorn to get off the fence, with their former, current or potential partners. No more fence-sitting. No more bench-sitting. If you have been waiting for things to happen, then Mars racing through Aries and Taurus, with the changeover near Saint Valentine’s Day, will really up the stakes.


Jamez Picard

Do You Have Factors at 28, 29 Aries in Your Personal Chart?
If you are a Premium Member, check your personal birth chart for any factors at 28, 29 Aries. They fall in your First House of image, profile, name, title, reputation, packaging and presentation. You will find that the Mars-Uranus conjunction at 29 Aries on 13th February signals a radical change – at full speed – regarding the way you look and appear to the world. It should be liberating. You will need time and space. These are revolutionary changes which can only occur once every few decades.

How Mars Landing in Taurus Affects You in 2019

Mars moves through the zodiac sign of Taurus in February and March, paving the way for sudden events set to turn your world upside-down in 2019. Why? Because Uranus, which always brings upheaval, revolution and new beginnings, is preparing to settle into Taurus too. This all takes place in just one area of your life and one area of your solar (Sun Sign chart). Tip: Whatever you do in haste in February and March, regarding this area of your life below, must take into account the possibility of radical changes later. Don’t assume anything.

On March 16th 2019, we find Uranus at 0 Taurus square Psyche at 0 Aquarius. That’s the very first ‘reveal’ of just how hugely different your life is going to be. It will be electrifying. Utterly different in every way. Liberating! Yet – this area of your life (below) will benefit greatly from you taking your time, and taking greater care, in February and March as a whole. Do not set up a potential issue that will come back to you later. Slow down and cool down. Make it easy for others to do the same.

Aries – This is about your money. Your valuables. Your charity. Your house or apartment. Your business. Your values.
Taurus – This is about your image. Your reputation. Your profile. Your appearance. Your face. Your name.
Gemini – This is about your secrets. Your classified information. Your unconscious mind. All that you cover up.
Cancer – This is about your groups and the groups you are affected by. Your career. Your unpaid work. Your studies.
Leo – This is about your career. Your ambitions and position. Your mission. Your calling or vocation. Your status.
Virgo – This is about your educational or academic commitments. Your travel agenda. Foreigners. Books. The Web.
Libra – This is about your legacy and any legacy left to you. Your taxation. Insurance. Banking. Property. Charity.
Scorpio – This is about your former, current or potential partner. Your enemies, opponents or rivals.
Sagittarius – This is about your lifestyle. Your daily workload. Your body. Your regular routine. Your housework.
Capricorn – This is about your children. Your lovers – who may bring children into your life. Youth and young people.
Aquarius – This is about your house or apartment. Your town or country. Your family or household.
Pisces – This is about your internet life. Your multimedia commitments. Education and publishing. The word!

Mars can feel like the ultimate pow! in your chart. People who are classic action-women or action-men may play their role at this time. You may be dealing with conditions which are fast and furious. Watch for racing sharemarkets.

Do You Have Taurus Factors in Your Personal Birth Chart?

You will be strongly affected by Mars as he races through Taurus and conjuncts, or sits on, anything at all you have in Taurus in the Second House of your chart. If you are curious about the Second House and its meanings – which range from charity projects to business income – do look this up on Search. We also associate Taurus with taxation, accountants, the value of your house or apartment, shopping, trade and the way Wall Street affects your hip pocket.

Because you have one or more factors in Taurus in your Second House, you will personally be affected by financial climate change over many years. It began way back in May 2018 but you have not yet seen the full story. Arrests and criminal charges will be laid against businessmen, politicians and corporations which have been money laundering and that will trigger tremendous changes at the top of politics and Wall Street. How do we know that? Because when Uranus moved into Taurus for the first time in your life, probably, the United Kingdom moved against money laundering and signed new rules into law.

Think of it as a ripple effect on your own income and bank account – even the value of your own house or apartment – which begins with big bricks being thrown from March 2019, following on from the first pebbles of May 2018. For that reason, take your time, take good advice and take great care as Mars goes over every Taurus factor in your horoscope, because you need to be sharply aware that the future will not be the same as the past, for the world economy.


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