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Just thought I’d share this with you all as it brought a lot of happiness to me. I won’t go into too much detail.

I have always had synchronicities In my life and i finally want to open up about one that happened recently! I see 33’s everywhere- I never mention it to anyone as it’s personal and I understand that many people are very skeptical about everything they can’t physically see.

So In staying that, I went to a shaman on Friday and I was put into this deep meditative state. After coming out of it, she mentioned 3’s being linked to me – which in itself is a synchronicity (3s are linked to ascended masters for those who are unaware).

She then said she saw me with 2 people while in this state: saint germain and arc angel Michael. Now I always asked arc angel Michael for protection as a child (little girl living in South Africa).

I had never heard of saint germain before. I went home and that evening I told my mum what I experienced. She started tearing up and said that every single morning while she showers she asks saint germain and arc angel Michael to protect me (which I never knew).

This little occurrence has added a whole new level of awareness to my life as a 20 year old female.

Love and light to you all!!!

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