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London Astrology May-June


London Astrology May-June

I’ll be at The Astrological Lodge of London across three Monday evenings in May and June, talking to you about asteroids and other non-planets in your horoscope. You can download the programme for Spring 2018 here.

Monday 14th May 8.30pm to 9.30pm
The Asteroid Family of Venus

Her son Cupido (Cupid). Her daughter-in-law Psyche. Her husband Vulcanus (Vulcan). We know that Venus is the goddess of love, but in our Roman/Latin astrology, how do the other family members shape up in your chart? Astrology is just as accurate on the subject of asteroids, as it is planets. In fact, astrology since 1781 is based on the idea that when astronomers discover new heavenly bodies which just happen to be named after Roman deities related to the originals – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn – we automatically add them to the chart.

If you don’t know Cupid, Psyche and Vulcan then you don’t know Venus either! But – how are your passions in life, your greatest tests, your self-control and your willpower, defined by these chart placements? Venus was the daughter of Uranus. She was born from his semen, mixed with sea foam (below). The other ‘births’ in our astrology are also unpredictable. Every time an astronomer finds a new member of the old astrological family tree, we add another name and face. Yet, it is in the nature of synchronicity, that the smallest asteroid can deliver the same results in prediction, as the biggest old planet. Bring your birth chart along if you are a Premium Member. 

Venus in her modern form? Photo Jordan Bauer.
Monday 21st May 8.30pm to 9.30pm
The Asteroid Family of Jupiter

Jupiter had a wife and her name was Juno. His first daughter was named Fortuna.  His other daughters were Minerva and Diana. He had two sons, Bacchus and Apollo. Apollo gave birth to  a son – the greatest healer in Roman history – Aesculapius. He in turn had two daughters, Hygiea and Panacea. The medical profession has quoted their names (Apollo, Aesculapius, Hygiea and Panacea) down the ages. Not surprisingly, Jupiter’s family benefit us. They are healers and helpers. Even the random swings of Fortuna will always take you to the top, in the end. In this talk we’ll look at why Chiron (also a non-planet) is so often mistakenly given sole responsibility for healing in the birth chart. Yet, it is Aesculapius who lends his famous snake-and-rod symbol to medicine, surgery and hospitals. This is why it’s really important to know about the asteroids, as well as heavenly bodies like Chiron (pictured below).

Chiron the music teacher with Achilles.

Monday 4th June 8.30pm to 9.30pm
The Asteroid Family of Saturn, Neptune, Ceres, Pluto

Saturn had a wife and her name was Ops. She was the mother of Jupiter. Saturn had a daughter and her name was Vesta. Watch Ops and Vesta in your chart, if you want to work with Saturn Returns! Neptune, the other big planet in astrology, had a wife named Salacia. She is a Trans-Neptunian Object and astronomers found and named her, in the year of the Asian Tsunami. The other brother in the family tree is Pluto. His mother-in-law is Ceres, who in 2006 was reclassified by astronomers, at the same time that Pluto himself was demoted. Now Ceres and Pluto are equal, even though mainstream astrology still fails to put Ceres in the Ephemeris and ignores her in charts. Ceres had a daughter and her name was Proserpina. She was Pluto’s wife. Did you know that Ceres, a symbol of rejection, rage and power was found and named on the same day that the United Kingdom was born, on 1st January 1801? Did you also know that Ceres was in exact alignment with Uranus and Mars on the day Britain voted for Brexit? None of these non-planets were ever in Margaret Hone’s classic 1950’s book on astrology (below) but as we go towards 2020, you will find that the archetypes of the asteroids and others in the family tree can help you expand your astrological language, make accurate predictions and understand your personality better.

You can find out how to wait list for signed copies of my new book, The Secret Language of the Stars (Penguin), at these special events at The Astrological Lodge of London, just off Baker Street. See you there! 


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