No vacation in sight? Bring some playfulness and adventure into your summer with these 8 poses.

You don’t need to purchase an airplane ticket or book a fancy trip to take a journey. In fact, you do not need to leave the confines of your home to have an escapade. You can simply unroll your yoga mat and let the practice take you where you are meant to go that day. Think of this practice by San Francisco-based yoga teacher Sarah Ezrin as an adventure, like when you arrive in a city you have never been to and wander, getting a little lost, until you find your way. 

After all, our yoga mats serve many purposes. They can be a home base, a landing place to be present when you need to be somewhere familiar, or a map to help guide you when you feel lost. Your mat is even a place to get away. It can be a means of exploring new territories, where you learn things about yourself and the world.

Let us take a little trip. This eight-pose sequence can be done in a backyard for a little added fresh air and sunshine to make it feel like a true staycation.


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