I was just wonthering if anyone knew what this could be.


ill fill you in, on why its important for us too know.

me and my girlfriend moved in to this house 9 months ago. she inmediatly stared saying that she felt something was off. like a bad vibre, like there was something in the house with us. this kept going for like 2 months, when we called a shaman. he told us that something bad happend in the kitchen but that what she was felling was some witchcraft that an old acquaintance had done on her, to make her go crazy over time. he told her a few things to do and she started felling much better, we called the shaman again just for consultation but he never replaid again. we kept on living like nothig happend until today. we went to a closet we normaly use, just to find this can of tuna, filled with water (and seems like something else) we never saw it before and my girlfriend thinks it might be witchcraft again.

since the shaman wont answer our calls this was the only place i thougt of asking that might give us an answer on what this could be or why this was put here.


we dont even dare to move it and somehow make everythig worse again.

if anyone can help us we would really appreciate it.

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