I've been told by a few people (including by a psychotherapist) that I may have entity attachments. Weird things seem to happen around me and even more so when I recently became interested in spirituality. I should add that I have most of the classic symptoms of entity attachment and conventional medicine hasn't been able to do anything for me. I'm talking about crippling brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, etc which leaves me bedridden half of the time and unable to keep a job.

Here's a list of the weird things I can remember:

Random scratches on my body Nightmares of a dark figure entering my home Following one of said nightmares, I was sitting at home with my family in the living room when we heard the front door open. We all got up in panic thinking someone had broken in but there was no one. We were confused. I was visiting someone's home and while sitting in the living room I asked something about their TV. One minute later the TV burnt out and smoke was coming out of it. I moved in to an apartment with a flatmate and the shower broke within a month. I moved in to a different apartment with a flatmate and the washing machine and toilet broke within a week and continued to have problems. This one made a joke of how I brought a curse. I visited a friend who recently moved to a new apartment and her toilet bidet broke. She had to move out for two weeks while an entire renovation had to take place in the bathroom. In trying to decide which coffee mug to use for my sister one night, I stared at this particular one for a while which is black but if you pour a hot drink in it it reveals my sister's photo. I decided to go with another mug instead and later that night, my sister decided to use that mug but she dropped and broke it.


Some of these have happened years ago and others as recently as this week. I would love you guys' opinion on this. Am I making something out of nothing here? I did a soul retrieval session with a shaman and supposedly she cleared them but I don't feel any changes. I did a Reiki session and the healer stated that I have a lot of fear. I also use essential oils and sage.

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