Hey everyone. I should start saying that for the longest time I didn’t knew witchcraft had paths, different kinds of practices, I barely knew about Wicca.

Growing up, being a witch was something you were born with or don’t. I knew most women on my family are witches by that lose definition. You didn’t had a stablished practice, you just knew “things”, or do stuff like spells and cleansing by “gut feeling”, occasionally ask an elder witch of the family for advice but that’s it. So there’s that and that English isn’t my first language so I might get some things wrong.

Into the question, I have noticed that when I’m going through very strong sensations (emotional + physical) I get this sort of “visions”. That’s the best way to put it.

First time I clearly remember seeing a woman surrounded with blossoming flowers. It was much more than that, super vivid and detailed experience, even tho I was with my eyes wide open it felt like I wasn’t in my room anymore.

Second time was last night and I debated myself all day thinking how to phrase it to ask what it was.

I was in so much pain (I’m kinda sick, but recovering) I was just lying in bed trying to focus on anything to ignore the pain, eyes closed but fully awake when I “saw” this shaman woman* near me, and around 20 other women surrounding me by my bed. She was so caring and loving and said something among the lines “we are charging you with love” and she hugs me and so did all the other women. I open up my eyes and the pain was instantly fucking gone.

I started crying because it felt so strong, so… I don’t even know. Overwhelming.

If something like this happened before I can’t remember being it so vivid like this two times.


I don’t know how to call it, what it was, if it has something to do with magic or witchcraft in any form that I can study more or if I just straight up hallucinate while under certain circumstances.

Please, any input or orientation would be super appreciated.

I left some important but personal details off so if needed I can tell them by DM.

Thank you all!

*The shaman woman was a very specific kind from a native culture from where I come from and is very ingrained in society, specially my town, but I don’t come directly from that ethnicity so it makes it more confusing if something.

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