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Is Marga the same as Moksha? Explanation/feedback for “Spiritual” EP


Hello I am trying to write out an idea for an EP I am going to create after I come home from traveling.

EP Name: Samsara: Reincarnation

Dukkha – The Suffering/Pain/Sorrow Samudaya – The cause is attachment, dependence and desire to the temporary Nirodha – The prevention/end of further suffering Moksha – The path that leads to liberation which is to surrender I have read about moksha but in the four noble truths it says marga it is a bit confusing. Not only the difference but also the meaning behind all of the truths I am here to learn so please correct me / help me out I want to do this right. I will further explain my concept. I make chillstep/ambient music under the name Amadeus (no self promotion) im planning to change my name. But as I continue to explore my spiritual path I am not satisfied with the music I put out into the world I want it to be close to sacred music but in a non religious way. These are some ideas:

Meditate before making music always. Convert samples you want to use to sacred HZ. Always create from the heart and with pure intentions. music is a spiritual expression of the most universal nature and the highest order. “For Your Heart, Mind & Soul.”

Influences: – Vedic mantras – Gregorian chant – Native american influences – Shamanic drumming – African tribe vocals/chants – Nature/animal sounds

Solfeggio Frequencies to use are: Etc.. thank you in advance kind souls ♥️

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