Hi. I’m a 19 year old girl that just started to live alone.

Normally, I’m a quiet, introverted, not-talkative person. I’m the student that sits at the back, studies a lot, doesn’t have any friends. But all of that was okay with me, because I’m the only child anyway. Plus, people didn’t want to be friends with me because I was reading or drawing the whole school year. But as I said, that was okay.

This year, everything changed. I moved to another city, started to live on my own. And after 19 years, I wanted to take care of myself. Not just physically, mentally too. I like learning new things (I’m a big nerd and science-lover) so I tried to find new ways to improve myself. Then, I found spiritualism. The energy, the chakras, the frequencies… they amazed me. Even though I still don’t know if they are scientifically proven or not, they can make me feel like I’m loving and doing something good for myself. I started meditating. I started to read spiritual books.

I have very bad anxiety and bipolar disorder, but meditating made me forget about my responsibilites. Even though I’m an atheist, spiritualism (and shamanism) made me feel like I’m connected with nature.


But the thing is, I feel lots of changes are happening. The way I look to the mirror, the way that I’m thinking and communicating with others. Maybe you won’t believe it but I think that I can foresee things better. Sometimes that change is hard, in 19 years I had 4-5 friends, but they didn’t want to talk with me after the changes in my life. So is that okay? Is it something that I have to experiment? I need some opinions. Thank you.

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