I’m new to meditating and have been doing it every day for the past 2 weeks. Ive been doing Zen meditation in the morning or early afternoon and sometimes I’ll meditate twice a day, 2nd for sleep. I’m currently doing 15 minutes.

I’m currently trying to practice the law of attraction manifestations and I I read in a guide that meditation is key for it and you should aim for this certain amount of breaths without being interrupted with thoughts and if u do think of something u have to restart the count. I always get a lot (for me) in the first count and then it gets worse which I figured is normal.

Then I decided that maybe count for the first one today. And I basically couldn’t stop counting in my head and lead to more thoughts.


Is it bad to count or should I maybe try a different meditation to get out of habit? Is there a good beginner meditation? I figured a mantra would help me get out of habit or should I just keep counting?

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