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Information On Cedarwood Essential Oil


Cedarwood Essential Oil (Juniperus Virginiana)

Cedarwood essential oil comes from the cedar tree, which is a tree of the slow growing variety, sometimes growing up to 30 meters high, so it is quite impressive to look at. It is a coniferous and evergreen tree, with a, rich red heart wood, it is native to North America, mainly the Rocky Mountains, and Cedarwood essential oil, is extracted from the timber waste, such as sawdust and shavings via steam distillation.

In history, the North American Indians are renowned for using cedar wood, in its twig, leaf, and bark and fruit form, to treat respiratory infections and excessive catarrh, menstrual delay, kidney infections. In Tibet it is widely used as incense, and also has important uses in medicine there. It is a great mosquito and insect repellent, as it has such a strong aroma.

Cedars have always been planted in churchyards, and first came to Britain in the 1600’s, many of these are still alive and healthy today, cedars are also mentioned in the Bible, and are thought to be a symbol of fertility and abundance.

*Cedarwood essential oil is very strong and powerful oil, it is non-toxic, but you must not use it if pregnant, as it is an abortificant, which means it can cause spontaneous abortions. Cedarwood essential oil can cause acute irritation in some people, so always be careful when using.

It has a very masculine odor, and so is favored in men’s aftershave and soaps, for its astringent and antiseptic properties.

*The physical problems, which Cedarwood essential oil can help to treat are as follows; it is great for skin problems, especially acne, it helps arthritis and rheumatism, bronchitis and catarrh, it is a sexual stimulant, and can help with the treatment of gonorrhea, it helps with tension and stress.

Emotional aspects it helps, are focusing, and giving confidence.

Other uses for Cedarwood essential oil is it is used in cooking, fish can be smoked over it, to give the fish a unique taste.

The smell of Cedarwood essential oil is amazing, it is a fresh, clean smell and is very uplifting, it is brilliant to combine with sandalwood and cypress, for a really great smell, and is a generally uplifting experience, it is great to use on men, as it is not off-putting to them, which means that they are more likely to relax, if used in massage.

As with all essential oils, there are some safety factors, so it is always wise to seek the opinion of a qualified professional.


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