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In a World Focused on The Bottom Line, Does Common Decency Pay Dividends?


Greed.  Double-dealing. Cheating.  It seems there isn’t a day that passes without news of unethical, or outright illegal, behavior on the part of “successful” companies or individuals.  Common decency doesn’t seem to be so common nowadays.  One might even ask, are there any dividends of decency?

I don’t adhere to the biblical notion that money is the root of all evil.  But it’s undeniable that once money or wealth bcomes the primary motivation, it’s easier to justify away ethics and standards.  So how do you strive for financial freedom and hang on to respectable values?

While that’s a very personal question to answer, you’ll find some insights, and maybe answers, in three newly-published books.  They’ll show you how decency not only pays dividends, but is the best policy in creating positive results.

The Dividends of Decency

If you’ve always held a belief that making a profit does not require you to sacrifice your principles, this book is for you.  Author Donald Lee Sheppard reassures us that “business ethics” isn’t an oxymoron.  In fact, those wise words you heard from your Grandma were spot-on.  Remember?

Do what is right.
Treat others as you would like to be treated
Honesty is the best policy

If that stirs up something inside you, that you know we need now more than ever, this book is a must read.  Values-based business is not only alive and well, it’s the only way to assure longevity.  And your reputation.

The Geometry of Wealth

Have you noticed that we live in a world that suggests to us that more is better, and equates wealth with possession?  Have you wondered what that has to do with living a meaningful life?  In the quest for “more,” when is enough, enough?

Brian Portnoy sums up what he calls “the four enduring sources of a joyful life.”

Connection – the need to belong.
Control – the need to direct one’s own destiny.
Competence – the need to be good at something worthwhile.
Context –  the need for a purpose outside oneself.

He goes on to show that true wealth and purpose can be woven together to create “funded contentment.”  If you want to put a new perspective on how and why you’re doing what you do, add this one to your reading list.

Quantum Success

Whether or not you embrace the “Law of Attraction,” (ala The Secret), one thing is sure.  Cause and effect are immutable laws of the universe.  If you live and practice joyful, ethical living, you’re going to attract more of the same.  Conversely, if you create chaos in business and life, there will be more of the same coming your way. And if you want to see where you’re going, look back at where you’ve been.

Author Christy Whitman lays out a roadmap that anyone can use to steer them towards a better future.  Call it Karma, the Law of Attraction, or simply reaping what you sow, it’s as real now as it ever was.  While life will always present surprises, more of them will be pleasant and welcome when you’re living beyond and outside of yourself.  There’s no magic in the book – just truth.  And who can’t use a dose of that?  (ed. note:  scheduled for release in September 2018, available for pre-order)

Decency DOES Pay Dividends

We are constantly living at moments of choice.  Each choice brings with it a result.  Doing life with a mindset reflected in these author’s words, making choices that make a positive difference in your life and the lives of others, will pay dividends far beyond what your bank balance will ever indicate.  The dividends of decency.


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