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I’m offering FREE sessions of Spiritual Psychology to guest clients willing to have the session recorded for my podcast. Spiritual Psychology blends the best of western psychology with shamanism, body based mindfulness, Hypnotherapy and Buddhist philosophy.


I have a weekly internet radio show, which will become a podcast. Ultimate, I want to do live therapy on air with call ins, but for now I am pre recording sessions to plug in to the show.

Clients are anonymous, as this is only audio. About 30% of my work is remote, by phone FaceTime or Zoom. Spiritual Psychology uses the clients active imagination to access unresolved emotional issues, past trauma, un integrated self parts, negative energy interference and to connect with aspects of the person’s own highest self, or universal force for wisdom, guidance and healing.

Much of the work is similar to a guided meditation and use his body centered mindfulness to access the nonphysical realms of mind, emotion and spirit. Once the non-physical takes form in the active imagination, we can work with it directly. Once we can work with something directly, there is a lot that can be done to shift, release and heal.

I will ask clients to pick an issue to work on and then we will do a piece of inner healing work which will be recorded and played on air. Typical recorded sessions will last 30 to 60 minutes.

I’m offering this as a win/win. Looking for folks to help.Renee McKenna Spiritual Psychology

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