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Ideas on finding an enlightened spiritual teacher?


This is for my wife, she has had a very hard life and it keeps getting harder. We have tried to go all the 'earthly' ways of healing (counseling, medication, etc.) and nothing has helped, not surprisingly because we've both always known this is not a physical/mental issue. We've also read just about every book, and watched countless hours of videos from spiritual people, and as helpful as some have been, it's become very obvious that messages to groups of people are not going to help. The things she's struggling with are very unique and she really needs someone who is willing to work with her one-on-one, and figure out how to help her. We need someone who will go far beyond "mindfulness" and "just think positive", someone who is willing to get their hands dirty and dive deep into unknown territory.

Does anyone have ideas on where to look for such a person? I don't care if they call themselves a teacher, a guru, a shaman, etc. we just care that they are able to be above the thoughts of most humans, and see things from an enlightened level. Thank you

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