Over the last 2y I've struggled a lot with depression and anxiety. It peaked after regularly working 80h weeks and never investing in my mental health or social relations. I feel like I've learned a lot through different schools of therapy, spiritualities, current research, and even shamanism. But also I'm just really fucking afraid of losing touch with the insights that once felt meaningful.

Through all this journey, I've come more and more to realize, that I might want to make mental health a priority not just for my personal well-being, but also with regards to helping others. Once you realize how a big part of (our Western) society is truly struggling, maybe not even conscious of it, and a lot of mechanisms in our economy/society actually fueling this, it really makes me want to support to relieve this suffering.

For the above reasons, and because it helps me process things myself, I want to take a first step in the direction and start writing a bit about things I think about or that have helped me. Not sure where the journey will go, but (also on a mission of overthinking less) it feels good to do this right now.

Here are two texts I've written so far.

Emergency tactics for taking back control in the moment A powerful technique for caring less about what other people think and for deepening friendships


I'd really love to discuss the ideas here or privately, in case you want to talk. Feedback to everything always appreciated.

Big hug & best of luck to everyone on their journey!

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