so, i met this women 3 years ago. it was the moment my whole life, thinking and beeing started to change massifly. she showed me the way of spirituality, tought me what love really means and that it is ok to just be myself. that it is requiered to be myself. in this past 3 years my world crushed, my 25 years of experiences felt completely useless and wrong. i was in psychiatry for 4 month because i couldnt handle all this new informations, my inner self was split in half. was my hole life just a lie until this point? but i recovered and slowly changed my life and started to dissolve my ego, read a lot of books about our souls, the afterlife, the astral world, shamanism, chakras,… and after now 2 years of hard work i am a completely different person. i am a vegan now, do yoga everyday, got tarotcards(workinprogress), i cant have a day without meditation, i was a metalhead for over 13 years and now i am listening shamanistic ritual music, goa, hiphop! fun fuct, i thought i love this women and she drove me crazy, but i recognized that this love is kind of deeper and older than everything i know. turns out we are from the same entity and our souls know each other so so much longer 🙂 she now is my best friend, and i really hope to meet another person with this kind of connection. we share everything, she is the first person to let me feel that beeing myself for 100% is the right way to be. she restored my capebility to really trust. sometimes we also have sex and yeah, its just awesome. when i look in the mirror nowadays i am happy to see whats in there, i accepted my past with all mistakes done. (a lot of mistakes) today, i am nearly 28 years old, proud that i am in school again to achieve my abitur, one year to go!(highschool diploma) and most of my anxieties transformed, like my fear of failing and beeing not good at anything and wanting to know what happens next changed into a love for the unknown. listen to the universe and be excited for the furure, there is a plan for everyone for us. just listen closely. everything bad that happens to one is a lesson. its up to us if we see why things are happening and what to learn from it. i turned from a negativ thinking kid into a awakened beeing and it feels awesome. dont fear change, let it happen. without change, one will just stand still and evolving cant happen. live in the moment, not in past or future. sure, sometimes its important to remember or imagine, but when i am doing something, i am there with everything i have. be aware! i love you all <3

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