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I feel I have betrayed myself taking psychiatric medication


I have strong spiritual traditions I align with what I go through With schizophrenia especially shamanistic. Personally I dreamt several times that I was a healer In my tribe before I knew anything about it. In my tribe many women are healers and work with dreams and that sort of thing. In my tribe nothing I go through would be considered unusual or mentally Deficient Etc. Normally you go to the healer and he or she initiates you and Honours your visions Etc , I have visions and see things more than voices and not a lot of it is negative.They determine if its possession, madness or shamanic. Because I'm only a quarter tribal and don't live in that country I couldn't get any help, I tried looking for shamans,none ever replied. Now after six years of trying to get help and not being medicated I took the medication and ended up with terrible brain damage I've been like a vegetable for three months and I feel betrayed myself by taking this medication That has now destroyed me.Psychiatry was something I was staunchly against even before my diagnosis,I don't know what I was meant to do? Psychiatry medicalises pathologises spiritual experience

Sorry about the Capitals errors etc I'm writing this with the voice app I'm not articulating this well because of the damage And because I can't type

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