Yoga teacher Rina Jakubowicz shares why you should be developing your intellect versus acting from your ego or emotional impulse.

If you’re in the headspace for a fun contemplation, think about this: How do you make decisions? Do they come from an emotional impulse, your ego… or from your intellect? If you want to be blissful and free of suffering—at least, according to the principles of the ancient yoga philosophy Vedanta—your actions should always arise from your intellect. 

And intellect isn’t only something that scholars possess. It’s simply the ability to see things clearly and objectively so you can take the right course of action. Here, Rina Jakubowicz—yoga teacher, author of The Yoga Mind: 52 Essential Principles of Yoga Philosophy to Deepen Your Practice, and creator of a new class series, Empowered Vinyasa—explains more about this divine innate wisdom. 


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