How are you planning to usher in the new decade? Here’s what the stars have in store for your sign for New Year’s Eve 2020. (It’s not too late to change plans!)

by The AstroTwins, extracted from ELLE

The moon and drifty, Neptune connect in Pisces for the final night of the decade, New Year’s Eve 2020. Escapist urges will be strong! But where will they take you? Some zodiac signs would do well to shake off the year’s intensity at a candlelit sound bath while others should spring for a celebrity DJ’s VIP access room.

No matter if you’re a Gemini or a Scorpio, keep your water glass as full as your champagne flute. That’s always a good practice, but under these boundary-challenged skies, details can slip. See below for quick ideas on how to celebrate NYE by sign, and head over to our story in ELLE for more detail.

AstroTwins 2020 Horoscope

New Year’s Eve 2020 Party Plans by Sign

Take time to for some journaling or gather with a small group of friends to reflect on the past year…or decade!


You’re up for anything wacky like a costume party, live performance or even a spontaneous trip out of town.


Ideally, your night will involve things like French champagne, chef’s tasting menus, VIP tickets and limo service.


No matter your GPS coordinates, you’ll be the wild child of the festivities.


Even if home feels too cozy to leave, nudge yourself to put on something velvet or sequined and get out the door.


The day’s luxuriating energy will make getting ready as much fun as the fete itself.



Let yourself be “in the moment.” That way, you’ll have a great time no matter what.


The night may turn one giant selfie shoot, so you might as well step out camera-ready (and enjoy the hell out of) it!


For a change, you’ll prefer the company of your innermost circle instead of a hundred strangers.


You’ll enjoy close friends, whether you’re chasing down the champagne with PBR or something top shelf.


You wouldn’t mind a cozy house party—or even a quiet night in a rustic cabin with friends, where you can light a fire, cook, journal, play games and make the most arresting vision board of the decade.


You’ll be in “flow state” this NYE which might lead you through a circuit of soirees—or into the private room at the venue where you can chat up the beautiful people.

See the full story about New Year’s Eve 2020 in ELLE.

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AstroTwins 2020 Horoscope

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