Assassins Creed Valhalla follows in the steps of its most recent predecessors, bringing life to the story’s accompanying ancient mythology. Vikings are the central focus for this title, who worship and revere the Norse Gods such as Thor, Odin, and the like. Starting with Origins, players have had the opportunity to interact with some of the most iconic deities across the pantheons. In Valhalla, players eventually find their way to Asgard, the dwelling place of the Norse Gods and a bridge to many other divine realms.

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The Gods have had their eye’s on Eivor from a very young. Odin makes many appearances through visions and dream-state sequences, spurring Eivor onward to their destiny. As players progress in the story, making ch0ices and watching the events unfold, Asgard becomes available for exploration; and there’s quite a bit to do. Interacting with the Gods opens up many opportunists for acquiring legendary armor and weapons. There are also a number of quests to go on after arriving. Getting there is a journey on its own but it would seem getting out isn’t as obvious as it could be.


Once players arrive in Asgard, they’re going to have to spend some time there before getting back to “reality”. Specifically, Eivor does not travel to Asgard on foot, by boat, or any realistic mode of transportation. Instead, players enter through a dream induced by the village shaman/seer, Valka. Warning Eivor of their imminent treachery, Eivor and Valka’s fates have been tied together over a shared secret. Hoping to provide further guidance, Valka makes a return appearance after players have begun settling into England. When the settlement has been raised to rank three, a quest will appear signaling Valka’s arrival. Afterward, gather some supplies for Valka and she will concoct a brew to once again put Eivor in that elevated dream-like state. Only this time, Asgard intercepts the connection.

In order to leave, players have to at least finish a few of the missions that become available upon arrival. Afterward, if players want to go back to the main story, open up the map, and towards the top left there will be a small icon in the shape of an eye. Hover over it, and it should say “wake up”. Once pressed, players will awake from their dream back in the settlement and faraway from Asgard. It is recommended to raise Eivor’s power level above 80 to survive the quests Asgard has to offer.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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