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My name is Melisa. You can see me on my website at www.uneedamassage.us. Today what we are going to do is work on the points of the feet. There are six points on the feet and what I am going to be doing is simultaneously I am going to be pressing down. So looking at the feet I can tell you what kind of situation their hips are in. If their feet are up tight like this, it means they have pretty straight hips. If you have one foot up and the other one down, that normally means that your right hip is a lot more relaxed than the left side which means that is the way your lower back is probably feeling as well. So the first thing we are going to do is we are going to be doing these palm presses just in the arch of the foot. We are not pressing on bone. In Thai-Massage we never press on bone. So starting out we press on the lower arch and the lower arch alternating. Then the middle arch, middle arch, upper arch, upper arch, back down to the middle, middle, lower, lower.

Right now you can see I have opened up her hips. I haven’t opened up her feet. Her hips are more open. I am going to work on the six points of the feet starting underneath around the third toe and not pressing on bone with both of the thumbs at the same time pressing one, going down a little bit two and then three, crossing over to four, going up the arch to five and then six..

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