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Neck & Back Technique of The Swedish Massage

Hi! I’m Tunisia Woods and I’m back again on behalf of Hello Beautiful Mobile Massage Therapy Group, for Expert Village. Now I want to show you all how to perform Swedish massage on the neck and back. Remember always grab some oil. Now, what we didn’t show was our client turning over. When we reposition our clients, you always want to make sure of their comfort level before we start the actual massage. Grab some oil, and what we want do effleurage down the back. Remember, gliding strokes. You want to spread and glide, and then we want to come up to the shoulder. This is where a lot of people hold their stress, so we want to pay close attention to this on most people. And then after you get your gliding strokes you want to petrissage. Now, right here on the shoulders you can petrissage for quite a while, just because you’ll feel all these crooks and crunchies. That’s what we like to call them, and that’s actually what we want to work out, because that’s either toxic build up or just tightened muscles.

We want to take our time. We actually want to go around the muscle, which is called the scapula. A lot of back muscles are attached to the scapula, and you’ll feel it. It’s actually like…I don’t want to say horseshoe, but it’s kind of like a horseshoe shape muscle that’s attached to our shoulder blade, so we want to pay close attention to that as well. So you want to go around that. We want to knead around that. We can use our fingertips remember. Circular motions, and remember to do both sides. We don’t want our clients to feel lopsided. Then we’re just going to come around and we’re going to do the back. The upper back and lower back are two totally different things, just because sometimes people may just only have low back problems. If someone says, “oh my goodness my back has been aching!” You really want to spend more time on that. Remember we still want to glide down the back.

We still want to glide down, but also we can use our forearms to kind of glide down and stretch that back out. That’s still effleurage. Once we glide down and stretch that lower back out, we can still come around, knead, and work those muscles out. Work those muscles out, work those kinks out. And that is how you perform a Swedish massage on the back and shoulders. Thank you!.

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