Feng Shui Principles for Your Home

When it comes time for redecorating or remodeling in order to bring health and energy into your home, you may want to analyze feng shui and see if it can truly help in these regards.  For example, how does the use of color add vitality and energy, or on the other hand, calm and relax you?  How can de-cluttering your environment do the same?  By giving some time, consideration, and critical thought to these subjects, you can begin to analyze feng shui to see if it there are any real scientific principles that can be applied.

 Feng Shui’s Use of Colors

When you analyze feng shui and its use of colors, you need to first of all understand how color affects your mood and your overall feeling.  Bright and lively colors do energize you; imagine trying to be upbeat or perky in an all-black room.  Doesn’t that harsh and stark color instead make you feel brought down, even depressed?  Many kitchens, on the other hand, are painted bright shades of yellow or orange; when you analyze feng shui’s encouragement of the use of these colors for this room, you realize that they are upbeat and considered clean and sanitary.

 Feng Shui’s Lack of Clutter

When people really begin to analyze feng shui, they see that this art encourages the lack of clutter or excessive items in the home or any other place where you are quite frequently.  This is because clutter has been shown to make a person feel stressed and anxious.  It is like a constant reminder of things that need attending to – clothes than need mending, appliances that need fixing, laundry that needs folding, and so on.  This nagging voice in the back of one’s head does nothing to encourage positive energy.


 Analyze Feng Shui for Your Own Home

How can you apply these two basic principles in your own home?  Well, you don’t need to be a decorator or an interior designer to understand color.  Take a good, honest look at each room of your home.  How do you feel when you stand in the doorway?  Are you energized, do you feel drawn into that room?  Or does the overall look and feel depress you; do you avoid this room for any particular reason?  When you analyze feng shui, you need to be able to have that overall look for your home’s rooms as well.

Also, there are no hard and fast rules about what constitutes clutter in any one area, but again, honesty is the key.  Do the things you’re holding onto add value to your life, or just depress you and bring you down?  What type of energy do you feel when you look at these things?  Don’t think that you need to keep anything “just in case.”  The negative energy that you’re introducing into your home far outweighs any supposed uses you think you might have for these things.

So if you take a few moments to analyze feng shui and its use in your own home and your own life, you will see that there are some great benefits you can derive just from these simple principles.

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