Neem has many incredible benefits.

One of the most important things is: it kills cancerous cells Because it’s a spermicide, it must be consumed in small quantities. When I say cancerous cells, every one of our bodies has cancerous cells, But they are disorganized. They are all over the place.

For some reason, if you create certain situations in the body, they will get organized

So from petty crime to organized crime, serious problems isn’t it There are petty criminals everywhere in every town Here and there they will do little pick-pocket this that no problem, But if fifty of them get organized in Coimbatore city, then suddenly the whole Atmosphere in the city will change, because these fifty guys together can do such things that it will become dangerous for you to step on the street. So that’s all is happening in the body.

There are cancerous cells, These are criminal cells, They are running around If they are loafing around by themselves. No problem

If they all gather in one place, if they meet in one place and they hit it off, then it’s a problem.

So if the law enforcement is good, they see this initially, a criminal is happy picking, somebody’s pocket Every day, picking pocket when two of them meet.


They will dream of burgling a house When the five of them meet they’ll dream of robbing a bank That’s how it is. So if the law enforcement is conscious and active, they will make sure here and there they will pick up one guy and throw him in. They will do something you know so that they never gather enough numbers to become a major problem.

So the same thing with the body before they gang up. If you keep breaking them up here and there killing a few guys every day, neem just does that

It just reduces it keeps the number of cancerous cells in the body within a certain percentage where it doesn’t really gang up against the system.

So it’s a very important thing to consume. Neem Only thing about neem is if you consume it in excess quantity. It also kills the sperm cells, That is, we will have the fortune of a reduced population. If everybody in the world consumes enough, neem.

Because it’s a spermicide, it must be consumed in small quantities because it’s not for us to decide what should happen to an individual And women when they are pregnant up to four months of pregnancy or to be safe up to five months of pregnancy.

One should not consume neem, because it is a spermicide When the fetus is developing. The role of the sperm is still there to a certain point. Four months is what is prescribed. I am saying five months. One can start after five months.


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