Simple chakra and tapping practices can help heal the body, build vitality, relieve stress and anxiety, and boost confidence.

Growing up, my ability to see energy seemed as ordinary to me as reading the words on this page may be for you. Through my teens, I thought everyone saw subtle energy. My mother, sister, and brother also all saw energies that are invisible to most people. We didn’t feel the need to talk about it except occasionally to say something like, “Oh, would you look at that!”

When I was 16, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As it progressed, I experienced multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, which means my body’s systems started breaking down. At 27, I had a heart attack and was told to get my affairs in order. Western medicine had no way to stop the progression.

It had never occurred to me before then to use my ability to see energy in a healing context, but once I did, I was able to move the energies in my body. With daily experiments and persistence, I was feeling some relief within a few days. I could walk more easily within several weeks, and I was completely symptom-free and very healthy after two years.

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In the process, I learned a lot about how to address illness by shifting the body’s subtle energies, and it ignited a desire to share what I had learned in healing myself with the world. Today, as the founder of Eden Energy Medicine, my approach combines nine energy systems: the energetic superhighways called meridians; the whirling centers of energy we know as the chakras; the protective shell that is the aura; electrics, which bridge all the energy systems; the Celtic weave, which is a crisscrossing web of energy communication; the basic grid, a matrix that provides the structure for all energy systems; the five rhythms (water, wood, fire, earth, and metal); the triple warmer, a significant meridian that governs our nervous system; and the radiant circuits, an energetic flow that fuels joy and assists all other energy systems.


Donna Eden, founder of Eden Energy Medicine uses energy to help people heal themselves.

I actually saw each of these energies in the body before I learned that they had been recognized and named in various cultures and healing traditions, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine. While I see some differences from the early maps, enough correspondences are there that I usually use the established terms to honor those who charted them. I believe they were able to see energy much as I do.

Modern life—with its stresses, pollution, electronic screens, and processed foods—can block, scramble, or stagnate the flow of these energies. Simple practices such as circling over the chakras, tapping on acupressure points, or tracing meridians can bring about transformative changes in your energies. Applying such techniques in a systematic way can heal the body, build vitality, relieve stress and anxiety, boost confidence, and help you think and speak more clearly.

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My deep desire is to empower every human being to harness the body’s energies for healing. I’ve never worked with anyone who had no healing ability whatsoever. We are all latticeworks of energy. Energy is the life force. It’s the quality that makes us alive and animated. If you first restore balance and harmony in your energies, your physical body will follow. I’m never surprised by the positive outcomes, but I do often marvel: “Look at what our bodies already know how to do!”

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