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How can I help a familiar gain more power?


In my practice I've been having a lot of success contacting spirits. I suppose you could say I've been practicing shamanism, since I need to achieve a trance in order to "see." Recently it seems I've made some kind of personal spirit, and I want to figure out how to help it grow and develop.

For background, my partner has had a long time relationship with his own personal spirit, which represents himself as a lion. The Lion has been with my partner for a very long time. He says when he first appeared, it was when my partner was a child, no more than five, that he could feel "an ember" bud off of himself and turn into this being overtime. We are calling him a familiar, even though this Lion doesn't have a physical form on this plane, or at leas this form hasn't appeared yet. Since my partner is a fire sign and deals with lots of fire in his magic, the Lion has come to represent Fire and all it represents: passion, creation, warmth, protection, rebirth, etc. The Lion has served to protect both my partner and myself, and has helped guide us and lend his energy in several instances. The Lion can communicate with other spirits, guide me into other planes when I get into trances, and act of his own accord.

Recently I had decided that I need a sort of familiar for myself. My trips to other planes and my own power has been getting stronger and stronger with every attempt. After a long vision and with the Lion's help, we encountered it and sort of molded the energy into the form of a Wolf. The wolf isn't always present, but lately both my partner and I have been sensing his energy. It seems extremely low in power or ability, and is still very unaware of who it is or what it's purpose is. I occasionally feel it "peeking" through my eyes, asking me questions about my life. It's definitely it's own individual, that has budded off of my own energy, but it is too weak to move outside my body and create an identity for itself.

So my question is what are some ways I can help my familiar grow and develop? Does anyone else have experience in dealing with spirits of this nature? Is there a better term we should be using?

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