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How Astrology Timed Trump’s Tax Deal


How Astrology Timed Trump’s Tax Deal

I sometimes see skeptics and journalists take a swipe at astrology. They don’t believe it predicts the future.

I sometimes see astrologers, also attacking the same idea. Some of them, now gathering at the United Astrology Conference in America in May 2018,  are debating the issue.

I know astrology can predict the future and I think it’s a good thing.

Just like a weather forecast, astrology does forecast human weather. We can plan our lives around rain and sunny days. Heatwaves and storms. Why shouldn’t we use the alternative timing of astrology to also see a financial climate?

In a moment I’ll show you how I predicted a presidential deal – on the back of a bigger money deal, for December 3rd 2017 – all the way back on August 17th. That’s 3.5 months ahead of time. It turned out to be Trump’s tax news and the stockmarket hit a record high.

Skeptics and cynics did not read the prediction, because they don’t read my website. The astrologers at UAC obviously didn’t read my website, because they think prediction is wrong. Yet, on December 4th Trump reformed tax and made front-page news all over the world. That prediction was within 24 hours, to the day.

This is not a one-off example. I have been using astrology throughout my career to describe the future in advance, and as a technique, it has an excellent hit rate. It is there to be used – by the people, for the people. In fact, it’s been relied upon successfully for well over 2000 years, which is a lot longer than some skeptics have been in long trousers.


The Piggies Prediction of August 17th 2017

I like this prediction in particular because it was posted on August 17th, about December 3rd. That’s specific and it’s also long-term, so nobody could accuse an astrologer of just feeding off the news cycle.

I also like it, because it’s an example of the language of astrology. It’s like a weather forecast. (Though if you wanted to make a fortune on Wall Street, you would have applied the astrological weather in Scorpio that day, to your own chart, and made a few smart choices!)

Astrology Predictions about the 3rd December 2017 Supermoon
Let’s Make a Deal on the December 2017 Supermoon

“We tend to see ricochet effects from unusual patterns like the one above. You might also call them ripple effects. It’s time to make a deal, on the back of another (bigger) deal which could be made by anyone from a President, to a Prime Minister, to a CEO. The big question on this Supermoon? How can I do so much more with the substantial amount of money I hold in my hands, so that I can create future growth and abundance?  In the world around you expect to see more focus than usual on year-end bonuses, annual profits, year-end mergers and so on. Okay, so this is about George Harrison’s Piggies. Capitalist pigs and bulging piggy banks. But – we could all gain.”

The Guardian reported, on 4th December 2017 – US stock market hits record high after Trump tax bill success. Critics said it was a giveaway for the rich. Corporation tax was cut from 35% to 20%.

So there you go. Astrology does predict the future. Should it? You tell me!



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