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Hot Yoga: Is It Worth A Try?


Like performing your one-woman show during your annual performance review… trying something in a tough environment can be… surprisingly rewarding. Hot yoga takes the normal benefits of yoga and dials them—and the temperature—up past 100.

Rooms are heated into the triple digits. And the humidity is turned up too. So when you first walk in, it feels like you just walked into the yawnstream of a dragon. Even regulars find hot yoga challenging.

So as a beginner, don’t be surprised if the heat makes it hard for you to listen to your instructor. Showing up 10 to 15 minutes early can help your body (and mind) get used to the heat. It also helps to hydrate throughout the day leading up to your session. That’s because you can lose up to 5 pounds of water weight in one class.

Once you adjust a little to the sweltering environment, the benefits start to blossom. Hot yoga helps to loosen muscles, boost bloodflow, and incinerate calories.

Your second class is often less daunting since you know what awaits you, and for many, the benefits of these sweat-soaked sessions outweigh the discomfort..

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