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heroin hippie needs help


Before the 8 month blow binge, and the 6 months on smack, and the countless others I’ve done, before going to rehab, everything was clear.

I was a healer that my mentors were even impressed with the power I had in me when we went on my first shamanic journey. And as someone who had always hated my own reflection, sometimes by abilities would even surprise me. I’ve been on four journeys now and they’ve changed my life for the better. I want back in.

But I started to grow apart from seeing my mentors because some of the things they were doing was a scam, despite the years of help they’ve given me… I stuck with plant medicines and eventually things got worse with my addictions. The binges began.

I’ve been trying to get clean several times in the last year. The rehab I went to earlier this year was fantastic, but i started using again two months after discharge. Right now I’m attempting another home detox. I’m not alone but we’re both struggling. We’re a day, maybe a day in a half into detox at home, and if any of you out there are H addicts, you know what this is like. This is my 4th detox and I feel like death.

Any remedies from shamans or just relatable homies that can get me some advice to get through this next week in a less excruciating way?

Love & Light & My deepest gratitude.

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