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Finding the Herbal Cure For Arthritis:

When it comes to arthritis, there are several herbal treatments that provide temporary and permanent relief for symptoms of arthritis.

Your diet is an essential contributor to joint or arthritic problems. Listed below are types of food (or food elements), and other external factors that can contribute to the formation of this disease:

  •  Certain types of protein.
  •  Liquor.
  •  Wines.
  •  Highly acidic food types.
  •  Weather.
  •  Age.
  •  Genetic.

Advent of Arthritic Herbal Cure

Several herbal treatments that can help counteract the effects of joint problems, thus lessening the pain and eventually curing this condition. Here are some of the herbs that you can use:

  • Chaparral and Burdock – helps reduce excessive amounts of fluid or water in your body
  • Devil’s claw and Black Cohosh – helps remedy the inflammation
  • Sassafras – this herb aids in sweating that will emit toxins that are formed in the joints and tendons
  • Ginger – this helps reduce the spasm and painful effect of arthritis
  • Prickly ash – aids in the circulation

Each of the listed herbs has beneficial effects that contribute to relief from this condition. Preparing them for use as effective herbal treatments against arthritis is quite easy.

Creating the Arthritic Solution

To prepare the arthritic herbal cure solution, you will need the different herbs listed above. Follow the steps and the correct quantity for each herb:

Chaparral leaf – 4 parts
Devil’s claw root – 2 parts
Sassafras root bark – 2 parts
Dried ginger root – 2 parts
Black cohosh root – 1 part
Burdock root – 1 part
Prickly ash bark – 1 part

You can combine the following herbs to create a solution, which you can convert to a tea that provides effective relief for your arthritis. If you find the solution too bitter, you might want to take out the Chaparral leaf and replace it with 1 part of licorice root instead.

If you do not have access to these herbs, there are several available treatments in most drug stores. The Chaparral leaf, for instance, is now available in capsule form. You can dissolve the capsule in hot water to make a tea. Sip the tea to help relieve your rheumatic and arthritic conditions.

While taking herbal treatments for arthritis, it is also important that you improve the quality of your diet. Reduce animal products or acid in your diet and increase your intake of vegetables. This will tremendously improve your overall health condition and no longer suffer from arthritis.

Check out this video for more home remedies to help with pain and swelling that come with Arthritis:


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