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HANG IN THERE! Mars, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn


Do you have factors in Capricorn or Cancer?

Are you finding life seriously hard work in April 2018? Hang in there. You are being put through a heavy Capricorn cycle – extreme Capricorn – which you have not experienced in your life.

You have never experienced Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and certainly not with Mars. These three may be crossing your Capricorn placements, or opposing your Cancer placements.

If in Capricorn, the issue is your career, your unpaid work or your university degree. All kinds of position.

If in Cancer, the issue is your house, apartment, home town, homeland, family or household. All kinds of home.

Capricorn rules the people at the top of the towers and the top of power. In London (below) it is about Theresa May at the top of Westminster. She has just made the decision to join Trump in attacking Syria.

Of course, if you are in Syria, this is literally about your homeland. I hope you can see how a heavy piece of Capricorn weather (below) rolling in like dark clouds over the landscape, can make everything feel so weighty and loaded.

Hang in there. This does not last. In the meantime, know that the strange combination of feeling dominated (Pluto) and made to wait (Saturn) but also frustrated or even downright enraged (Mars) is really about these three planets in a sign which  is all about the system. Structure. Rules. Tradition. You could be meeting this at work or at home.

Photo Luca Micheli

When Did It Start? When Will It Stop?

Mars entered Capricorn on Saturday 17th March, 2018 cranking up the (already very difficult) combination of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. As you will know if you have Capricorn factors, this is affecting your ambition. How?

It’s common to see people who are all about ‘the system’ doing anything for that system! So they forget about the human parts of it all and instead go for the goal. And their own success. Which naturally stretches you very hard.

If you have Cancer factors then this Capricorn trifecta is slowly opposing your notions of home, belonging, sanctuary, people and place. And if you have both? Well, it’s a double whammy.

Mars leaves on Wednesday 16th May 2018 and the intensity is over. The extreme ‘Capricorn’ feeling is over.

Bosses, dominating fathers, women who ‘make it in a man’s world’ and suits-and-ties in general are all Capricorn.

How are Mars, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn Playing Out Globally?

Syria is the worst example of this triple line-up. However, as Mars is the god of war – and soldiers – unfortunately we are also seeing a toxic male backlash (and women can express it too) against anything which speaks of peace, equality, harmony and the rest. In other words, it’s Mars in the front row with Pluto and Saturn, two more heavy male archetypes and it’s proving very hard to take for many of us. So if you are dealing with any of this (below) you are dealing with an extremely unusual line-up which is wholly masculine, very weighty and hard to take – it’s okay. It’s really not a surprise on this triple Capricorn transit.

  • Authoritarian male swagger.
  • Masculine ‘heavy’ tactics.
  • Women who’ve sold out their femininity.
  • Manels (all male panels) or manspreading (male takeover of space) or mansplaining.
  • War and the threat of more war.
  • The worship of violence as a solution.

There is an exit for this and it’s the middle of May, when Mars enters Aquarius and we all wake up to a very new, very different kind of thinking. It’s Aquarian thinking and it’s going to get stronger from Christmas 2019. That’s the exit.

The Capricorn Detox Before an Aquarius Age in 2019

We enter a mini Age of Aquarius at Christmas 2019 as Jupiter and Saturn are in that zodiac sign, and from 2023 it will change the world as Pluto finally quits Capricorn to enter Aquarius too.

Power and control will be with the group. The community or the circle will be at the top (below) rather than just one person. This is the return of ‘we the people’ after a very difficult period in which Pluto and Saturn have both been in the sign of Capricorn, which is about the solo mountain goat who successfully ‘makes it’ to the peak.

Of course this is about skyscrapers, high-rise penthouses and corporate headquarters – and palaces. The goats are those who will do anything to get up there. And there is only a small amount of room, so power, wealth and control go into the hands of a very few.

Aquarius is radically different. You will see why from Christmas 2020 but the double line-up of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will be on the way out by then, and from 2023 it’s history.

So, take a deep breath. Whatever you are going through with your Cancer or Capricorn placements in 2018 is really the last gasp of old set-ups and systems which are not going to make it beyond 2020.

You will not see Pluto in Capricorn again in your lifetime. It will take over 240 years for him to return. It will take Saturn another 28 years to return.

So – this really is the end of an era and also a massive detox.

Photo Chang Duong


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