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How to Solve All Your Problems. (The Only article you need to read to solve all your problems)

I know, I know, pretty tall claim for an article to promise you that it’ll solve all your problems, but trust me, by the end of this post, you will end up solving all your problems.

You must be plagued by one of the problems below:

Financial – Either a debt that you cannot pay off, low salary, no job, loans, creditors, wrong investments, stock market losses… so many of them, infact majority of the problems people face in today’s world is related to money. Relationships – I want this person, divorce, or any other relationship issues, could also be family issues, I know, you may have a parent who chooses his/ her ego above your interest, or with a family facing violence. Physical Issues: Perhaps that backache, or a headache, or some kind of a physical ailment you didn’t call for. Spiritual: Probably seeking god and didn’t find him yet, went through a lot of mantras, rituals, astrology, shaman, occult and what not, still lost. I want you to understand one thing.. This isn’t just a small article, but a crash course, go grab your cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the read, please note, that I am a very rational person, and have spent a decade to collate all of this for you. My goal is that by the end of this article, you’ll know how to solve all your problems, and never frantically search for an answer ever again. (What’s in it for me? well, if this helps, even one from the lot who go through this article, I’ll consider my efforts successful.) So let’s begin:

The Flaw of Attraction:

This is where all the problem starts, (if you are into the law of attraction, or have read about this, or are going to, please go through this point or skip straight to the next point), So apparently, I spend a big number of days, reading about law of attraction, you attract what you visualize, hold a thought for xyz seconds and it will materialize, well i hate to break it to you, it doesn’t work. It’s purely confirmation bias, yeah some coincidences here and there, but it absolutely doesn’t work, now don’t go on the disbelief bandwagon, because what am sharing below, will prove it to you. And if you still don’t believe me, feel free to buy another book and then another and then another, and never get what you visualize, but it does give you something, anxiety, sleepless nights and a confirmation, that there’s something wrong with you, where you are trying to use a system that clearly doesn’t work and end up blaming yourself. It’s like buying a car without an engine, and blaming yourself for the car not turning on.. It’s not you… You ain’t that stupid… Please stop listening to the law of attraction gurus. They make their money not by visualizing, but by selling you things… You gotta sell things too.. But there’s an easy way, and ill tell you how.. Avoid the gurus… They’ll suck your life out, until you realize, you wasted your golden years, writing your goal everyday, or visualizing… Visualizing is important, but not the way these gurus promote. They promote materialism, and materialism is the root of all your problems. Am not saying, you shouldn’t desire things, but there is a faster way to get what you desire. see the next point.

Power of Surrender:

If you understand just this single point.. Just this one.. You’ll solve all your life problems, like a hot knife cuts through butter… So what exactly is surrender? Nah, am not asking you to believe in an xyz God, or this ritual or that ritual, its all made by someone and someone else’s experience, and we should always believe in our own experience and that’s what Buddha said. The most essential things in your life, your breath, your nerves, your health, are not under your control, think about it, there’s something that takes care of you everyday, for the bare essentials, you are surrendered, yet you try to control things that you wish to desire…. If you are a Christian, open the bible, all Jesus was trying to say was surrender. Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways, surrender to him, and he will make straight your paths” (Translations vary based on the version of the bible), not just here, but in Hinduism, Lord Krishna says the same thing, Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 18 text 66 says, “Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.” (this is an English translation, kindly google / get the holy book for the actual verse which is in sanskrit). Don’t worry, there’s something else you need to do post surrender, but surrender to God, whichever God you believe in and if you are an atheist, surrender to your own intelligence, surrender to anything, but surrender. Trust that in whoever you surrender, a path will show up for you. If you are still not convinced, please google, “Power of surrender” and go through the articles, of the great people, who have left a note on this for the coming generation”.

So What do i do now?

Great, if you have surrendered to a power already, you don’t have to do much now.. Things will happen for you… But there’s a few things, that will accelerate you going in the direction of your dreams… It’s good to have dreams, because, “A man without a vision Perishes” – Proverbs 29:18. But let’s cover an important topic in the next point.. Mental Models!!!

Mental Models:


The way you experience the universe is completely based on your perception, for some people the world is a bad place for some good. For some Hitler is a hero and Mother Teresa is a Villian. No one is wrong, as Henry Ford best quotes it, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right”, we have perceptions, we want to judge everything, if things go as expected, we become happy, if things don’t go as expected, we become unhappy, we are like boats in the ocean at the mercy of the wind, we go wherever the winds take us, despite of clearly knowing, that the sail is right under our command. You must have heard the story of a farmer, whose horse runs away and people tell him, so bad, you lost your horse, next day the horse comes back with more horses, and then people congratulate him, all while the farmer replying, “Good, Bad.. Who knows”… Look into your life, how you have labeled everything based on your limited perception. That bad teacher who always punished you in class, made you resilient, that bad uncle who always insulted you made you stand up for yourself, that bad boss, who always irritated you, helped you realize that you are worth more and can find a better job where you will be respected… Are you trapped into mental models too? stop with all the judgements, The Muslims call it “Tawakkul”, which means completely surrender unto Allah, if something bad happens, consider it as God’s wish, and that is something that he wishes that should happen to you.. Remember, God never wishes ill upon anyone, it’s only your perception that calls it it.. Coal will never turn into diamond, if it complaints on every rub. So if something bad happens with you, thank god and know that it is his wish, and he will get you to wherever you desire, just not exactly the way you anticipate.


What is that you feel is in your power and can be done? start doing it, not from a state of desperation now, but from a state of surrender, knowing very well that all your problems are surrendered to him who loves you unconditionally, and that god will never disappoint, he’ll give you less trouble than you can handle and more blessings than you can collect. Wanna share things with people, go open that website, and when you start, you’ll realize that automatically all things will fall into place, when from a point of surrender, everything just happens the way you want, don’t take my word for it, read this article multiple times if need be, and if you are still not convinced, try to research the points on google and you’ll know, what am sharing with you is enough for you to go ahead and change your life, you don’t need to skim books after books and don’t have to listen to gurus who await their next seminars to fix their bank accounts. You’ll be of service to people.. If you are a good artist, paint that sketch, put it on social media, or if you wish to sell it, assign a price tag and let it go, if it sells, good, if it doesn’t start working on the next one. If you are confused, thank god and ask him for guidance, and start with whatever you feel you should do, that’s your calling. There’s no coach on this planet, who can give you a blueprint to success, and those who promise you this, are plain frauds, I don’t believe there are any greater personalities than Jesus or Krishna, or the prophets, who taught things without charging a penny, and the new age gurus who sell products for a bomb.. Its my humble advice to you to surrender to the power, pursue your dream and keep all your expectations at his feet. I could go further into how surrendering opens up all your Chakras, but that will make this post way too long. I’ll write about Chakras some other time.. But am leaving this link here (video link on the blog below) that will help you understand how they are blocked. You can research what happens, when Chakras are blocked… Root Chakra block = Money issues, Heart Chakra block = Relationship issues etc.


Surrender and whatever you are passionate about, pursue your passion, never expect results, knowing that God will give you the results, and you have no idea, how beautiful of a result he can give you.. Take it from someone who’s worked day and night and anticipated, expected and lost… and the same one who surrendered, realized life is an awesome flow, and got all he wanted, when he stopped chasing.

I wish you absolute Abundance & Prosperity in everything you do.


Nelson Danthy.

May peace be upon all, may all beings prosper. May Everyone be eternally happy. May Love reign supreme.

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