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Grounded (loose the shoes) hiking


Its good for you in every way, and we follow sycles like the planet and its nature, we need to “wakeup” to ours. Energy gets reenewed when you go bearfeeted anywhere, but ancient old rocks and just NATURE (off the trail is great;) When you do this do it alone and repeat your mantra/prayer/will/? Its a great form of meditation to get grounded, and its also free “foot zone therapy”/a science word for the “flow” and how to use its healing props. Then you just do a sun salute when you come home (DO IT HARD 3 times) shoer and put on music that you like to use to get into a trance, some do other stuff? Then you program your subcon. with chackra stones (that you have picked, not from the net? atleast thats how im brought up) and let the last bad mojo leave as you lay down and breath/prana and meditate on whatever you need to ? we all are up to different things. How i do it, In a city…use the park or take the bus to a forrest 😉 good luck. This has helped me a lot, and the ppl i learned things with has been many. Shamanism takes very different forms, easy is often the best in that regard. Have a good hike and loose the shoes:D

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