Today we’re going to be talking about Phantom Quartz.

The reason I love this crystal ally is every time I think oh my god I really got it together, I have got it together, I’ve mastered this spiritual journey, I’m breaking through, I’m being vulnerable, I’m opening my heart things are jamming in my life, and then all of a sudden it’s womp, things get stuck and things stop, because what this does is it helps me when I get to a plateau point that I sit in it for awhile but to the point where I need to get the answers, where I need to delve a little deeper into what’s going on, what do I need to shed what do I need let go of?

So that I can grow again. What’s so amazing about these things is that they have a story so the whole thing with phantom quartz is that when you see inside you see this little triangle and it’s literally when the crystal has stopped growing, because maybe there’s a rock in it’s way and it’s growth is stunted but what happens is, it breaks through, and then it gets to another point where maybe it stops growing again because it’s stunted, but then it breaks through and it grows again so each triangle is a representation of and very symbolic representation of you can breakthrough it’s just going to take some time.


And that’s what we are here to do to breakthrough our stuff, to breakthrough our obstacles, to breakthrough our minds, and this crystal is a great representation and a tool to help you when you’re working with those types of issues. For me personally and I think there’s lots of mantras that you could use but for me personally is, what I’m really into right now is “I’m here to evolve and grow,

I’m here to evolve and grow” and the reason I’m liking this mantra is that it doesn’t make me afraid of the growth process, I look at it as an opportunity instead of something that I’m afraid of, because I know that I’ll come out on the other side and I’ll have learned some things and I’ll be better for it. I want to thank everyone for joining me today talking about Phantom Crystal Quartz and please follow us at, subscribe to our newsletter for crystal tips and rituals and secrets, and check out our new book Crystal Muse, namaste..

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